Hello gorgeous ones

As a Certified Coach (LCIA) for over 10 years my mission is shining a light on the path for anyone wanting to radically heal and transform their relationships and live a life of deep unshakeable peace.

I am Sally and I am here to teach you how to consciously heal your relationships with a system I have put together that I know works.  I know it works because it took me many years of my own struggle with toxic relationships, co-dependency, and major anxiety to begin the inner healing journey. That journey was transformative, and I have literally created a new version of myself over a 10 year period.  I never would have believed it could be possible to not only end the suffering, the trauma, the unhealthy cycles but that I would become so awakened. As I began to live with more deep peace, more presence, and watch my old patterns dissolve I knew I would have to teach others the same but with a system, turning my 10 years of healing into a 6week program. So here I am giving you the steps in one program.

I want you to know you absolutely can rewrite your life script. You do not need to keep repeating patterns that hurt you and keep you stuck.

I created this program for you, and I have made it simple and easily digestible information so you can apply all the teachings to your life right away.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself physically spiritually and emotionally, this is where you get to love YOU.

I will be sharing with you everything you need to heal and evolve, whilst offering you insights and guidance into living and being the best version of yourself so you can experience high-level love and live a life that is anchored in presence deep peace and full consciousness.

I am looking forward to knowing you and being part of your journey