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Bohemian rhapsody ~ a love we all want

After watching the recent movie Bohemian Rhapsody I am so moves by the way Freddie Mercury had the deepest love for Mary .~ who he was engaged to for 6 years before he told her he was bisexual ! Their love carried on ! She married had kids ! He loved her until he died […]

3 big signs you are living in a toxic relationship

Just a super quick reminder of signs your relationship is toxic ! Please don’t suffer in silence reach out if I can help ! I offer 1.1 coaching and workshops for groups !! We all deserve a love in which we sleep happily at night ! Love doesn’t drain us !! Love expands us !

Men ~ what women really want

Listen to the end guys ! This is so about what we as women want & need on our relationships! Talking real !! If you want to have a healthy relationship these points need to be a given !! Please reach out for more information ! ❤️

Emotionally unavailable men !!! You don’t want one

Sharing signs that you have an emotionally unavailable partner !having lived this way for many years I was emotionally starving..here are signs that you don’t want to be having in your relationship !! My next episode will be about what to do if you are in this situation ! Listen to the end as I […]

Focus on what YOU want 💛

We can get really caught up in our own pain ! It is important to acknowledge feelings for sure but then we have s choice of how we show up and the future we will create ! Understanding the power Of getting present so you can create a life on your terms is not only […]

Tips how to leave a toxic relationship

I get asked a lot how do I leave ? Sharing some important tips so you can take steps to leave a toxic relationship !!it starts with a decision then a commitment some epic self love, a realization that you are not responsible for his feelings and finding your joy in what you love to […]

Fatherless daughters

Just an intro for upcoming podcasts this week around daughters growing up without emotionally available fathers or absent fathers & the impact that has and how you can begin to heal the inner child & recognize the patterns within youself so you can empower your own life regardless of the past experiences