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Not there for the good times?

You know it’s not ok right ? You know that he is only there on his terms, when it suits him & when he wants something I know you cling to the feeling you get when he does show up because hey we all want to feel that sense of belonging and closeness & u […]

Breakup, makeup, repeat?

Even when we know a relationship is unhealthy we stay in it Break up make up patterns are becoming increasingly common but these patterns are extremely toxic! I know because I lived in one of these exact patterns and it s mentally taxing There are a number of reasons people choose to stay in this […]

5 affirmations to attract a beautiful relationship

Sometimes its hard to imagine having a deeply loving healthy relationship if we haven’t had that before ! Often times we need to create new beliefs around love and re write our internal scripts, so that we can attract a person who loves us unconditionally or maybe we just need reminding that we can have […]

You deserve great love

I read this quote a while ago & it hit me to the bones….Can you feel it too ? How many times have you? Settled for so little, thinking that is all you deserved? Pleaded for the bare minimum thinking that’s all we deserved! Begged a person not to leave ( even though they were […]

That sweet first sleep

I remember it well 😃 The feeling of knowing I didn’t have to deal with him again The feeling of knowing I was free I didn’t have to deal with his moods His anger his aggression his obsession Everything felt better Sweeter lighter That first night I only had a mattress in my new home […]

Presents or presence?

Yep I hear you Both right ?lol Truth is having a partner who is present with you is as sexy AF Someone that leans in, wants to know you Wants to know WHO YOU ARE Receiving gifts is nice too But if a Person can’t hold space with you then for me it’s a no […]

Are you looking for a partner, or a parent?

Have you been in relationships that are chaotic filled with drama, well it probably has something to do with this … This is a reality that so many people are unaware of! First off how do you know if you have inner wounds, well let’s just say most if not all of us do and […]

Anxiety? you’re overthinking it!

Over thinking can produce a lot of anxiety right ? Learning to stay in your body & not get pulled into your thoughts all the time is a skill ! Stating connected to your boat means knowing yourself I teach people how to stay present in my programs as well as offering some super quick […]

Your past does not define you

Your past is over It doesn’t define you Because it does not exist accept as a mental construct of your mind so go easy on yourself my loves Because no one is as hard on you as you are on yourself Let go of the labeling the judging You are worthy & enough Stop looking […]

You deserve love

Ok my loves listen up You deserve love that feels safe loving and healthy in which you can be authentically yourself!…. Love is not a never-ending chaotic mess Attachment however can feel like love & often that’s what we think is love Ending cycles that are anchored in drams chaos, suffering, overthinking means you have […]