The 5 signs of trauma bonding why it is so hard to leave a toxic person

Trauma bonding occurs as the result of ongoing cycles of abuse in which the intermittent hot and cold behavior, reward, and punishment create strong emotional bonds that can be difficult to unhook. This pattern often stems from inner child wounds.

4 tips in staying sane if you are going through a break up or dealing with a messy relationship

Good morning darlings, I recorded a podcast about this situation and I received great feedback. If you haven’t listened to my podcasts you can find me on all platforms click here to listen…. .. The name of my podcast is called Relationships the Good & the Messy, Sally Kalan Show. I share lots of valuable […]

3 Mistakes you are making in your relationship

  3 MISTAKES YOU ARE MAKING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP/BLOG   Being somebody that was in pursuit of love for much of my adult life these 3 mistakes I am about to share were certainly lacking within myself and my relationships at the time. I personally feel our most intimate relationships can be a catalyst for […]

Lets talk about sex!

LETS TALK ABOUT SEX Well I am going to be raw and authentic and honest here. I am not ashamed to admit that I have self pleasured from a young age and I still do. I love being in touch with my body and connected and I have no shame in saying so. I say […]

Emotional Boundaries are a necessity

EMOTIONAL BOUNDARIES BLOG…….. Emotional boundaries  have been one of my biggest life lessons and I only wish I knew of them years ago. I can not emphasis the importance of having them, but when we don’t feel to good in the self worth department it can be difficult to even understand what they are.  I […]