Anxiety? you’re overthinking it!

Over thinking can produce a lot of anxiety right ?
Learning to stay in your body & not get pulled into your thoughts all the time is a skill !

Stating connected to your boat means knowing yourself

I teach people how to stay present in my programs as well as offering some super quick techniques to do just that

let me share with you one right now , one of my fav hacks to keep you centered in the body, In the moment

I named it the BORA BORA method’s an acronym, reminding you to come back into the moment when you feel triggered
So here is what you do ~

B~ Breathe
O~ observe
R~ relax
A ~ align

So take a moment to BREATHE deeply into the body
OBSERVE your thoughts instead of identifying with them
RELAX your whole self & then
ALIGN to the present moment

Mastering your own mind does takes practice
But will bring deep peace & wisdom over time & stop the over thinking which literally gets you nowhere

Tell me in the comments with a heart
how much time are you in your mind over thinking

💛50% of time
💚70% of time
.💜90% of time