Are you looking for a partner, or a parent?

Have you been in relationships that are chaotic filled with drama, well it probably has something to do with this … This is a reality that so many people are unaware of! First off how do you know if you have inner wounds, well let’s just say most if not all of us do and not always because we had a bad child hood but because things happen & we don’t always know how to process things so things get buried

Ok so let’s see if this is you?

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Are you asking what do I need or what can I give when you meet someone ?

What drives your relationships ?

What emotions run high in your relationship experiences ?

Can you feel a wounded self, what is she/ he needing ?

Why do you want a relationship ?

Become intensely self aware of yourself & your patterns ……..

In my case I was absolutely unknowingly looking to be saved looking to feel safe taken care of, I was looking for a dad without question. It was so unconscious & after spending years healing I no longer seek or need or want that for my life
I want an equal partner

These parent child relationships are extremely common but they create a lot of stress’s and anxiety at best because nobody can take that role on right ?

The way you heal is to learn to reparent your own wounded child as you do you will choose partners that are equals because it’s not fair to expect our partners to take on that role & you
Will be constantly disappointed as it will never be enough what they do anyway, the healing must come from you

Tell me if you can relate to this message ? Is this you ? Or have you ended up as the parent in the relationship, share your thoughts if you will ❤️❤️❤️❤️