Are you the common demoninator?

When we want to change anything in our life we must first look at ourselves & ask what’s inside of me ( what beliefs/thoughts) must I believe to have this experience playing out in my life consistently.

Answer me this:

  • Are you always in relationships filled with drama, chaos?
  • Do you choose people that aren’t committed to you?

If so, you must begin to become self-aware of who you are.

We choose what feels “familiar “
The mind loves “ the known “ so think about the feelings you experience regularly in your relationships, is it anxiety, stress, not feeling enough, whatever it is ask yourself, when else in my life looking back did I feel these feelings?

What you will find is you have a pattern of these emotions ( like a default within you ) that you have been playing out most of your life

You are therefore unconsciously choosing situations, people that will elicit the same familiar emotions, even though consciously you want it to stop! You choose what’s habitual what’s wired in what’s known

So how can you change it ~ how to unlearn so you can create a new YOU

  1. Become self aware of the emotions you have become addicted to
  2. Begin to observe them without labeling them and be the one who watches instead of playing them out
  3. Consciously begin to create new habits anchored in emotions that feel good

I teach this in my 1.1 programs if you are interested in working with me & diving deep

The reality is we can’t change what we are unconscious of

Change also causes resistance so we need to have a plan for change or we stay stuck in the patterns

As you change and unlearn your old programming & become intensely present your life changes dramatically

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