Are you tired yet?

Are you tired yet ?
Are you looking around at your friends that are settling down, doing the family thing on the weekends & thinking WTF! Why am I still single & they are not, and why am I settling for bread crumbs Arghh ?
Well I hear you loves that was me🙃
There is nothing fun chasing the wrong person it’s bloody exhausting at best
Why do we keep putting ourself through this hell just so we can have a few bare scraps of their time like we should be oh so grateful 🤔But here’s the cruncher WE ARE CHOOSING THIS! They couldn’t do it if we weren’t allowing it, If we knew our worth if we injected our emotional boundaries right ?

But that’s just it we don’t always know our worth, we don’t know what is & isn’t ok, we are doing what’s our normal but my love you don’t have to any more 🤍You DON’T

I used to be that person I’ve been there, I’ve been to the lowest of the low & nothing changed in my life for years because Unknowingly I was addicted to my pain, the familiar pattern, and this is why so many people are doing this exact same thing.

Do you want it to stop?
Do you want to know how?
Do you want to have the love you dream about ?
Or do you want to keep going around & around & around in circles watching everyone else have what you want ?

Well I think I know the answer so let’s something about it
Don’t waste another day hoping & wishing for change
Take action now !

Book your FREE discovery call with me and get this ball rolling.

I see you

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