Breakup, makeup, repeat?

Even when we know a relationship is unhealthy we stay in it

Break up make up patterns are becoming increasingly common but these patterns are extremely toxic! I know because I lived in one of these exact patterns and it s mentally taxing

There are a number of reasons people choose to stay in this type of cycle from unhealthy attachment styles, fear of being alone and we can literally be addicted to the push pull dynamic on and off again dynamic

I’m here to tell you if this is you please seek out help to end it, whether that is myself or someone you feel can assist. DO IT! Over time it will slowly chip away at your soul , t is mentally debilitating & confusing at best and you just don’t want this in your life

I believe many people stay way too long in these scenarios because they have a skewed unsure sense of self and this is why doing the inner work $ knowing your emotional boundaries is necessary so that you can do the right thing for your soul if this starts happening in your relationship

Don’t let this be your normal
Say No to toxic
& take action today ….I have a program in which I take clients inti their empowered self by dissolving these patterns so please message for your initial FREE call

Let me know in the comments if this is something you can relate to ..
And please ask any questions!