Can’t share your feelings? you’re not alone

Every time I opened my heart to share my feelings the relationship came to a grinding halt & it only got worse, he hated it

He would invalidate my feelings & tell me it wasn’t as bad as I was saying, he would tell me I was too sensitive, over reacting, or the one liner he loved to use and I hated the most, which was “ your not the only one that feels that , we have all gone through shit “

Ughh it was awful! It made me feel worthless

What’s worse I didn’t realise at the time how emotionally damaging it was sharing space with someone who would make me feel bad about sharing my vulnerable self

It was lonely ! I knew it was something that could not continue

You too my loves do not have to put up with shitty unavailable partners

Having people who want to be there, hold space for you, comfort you is what real loving partners do

Sharing your feelings authentically should never end in an argument, if it does you are living in an emotionally abusive situation my loves

Tell me if you have experienced this situation in the comments, what was it like for you ❤️

Good news is. You don’t have to stay in this situation 😍I’m here for you