Desperately chasing is a trauma response

I spent years living like this
Chasing love
Needing love
Wanting love
I never realised that these desperate needs were a trauma response coming from my wounded child, desperately seeking to feel loved wanted safe
Can you relate my loves ?

Here’s the thing it’s not until we end up in certain relationship dynamics that these wounds make themself seen

Showing up as anxiety, insecurity, jealousy
sadness and so on, we also believe that finding a man or partner is the answer & cling and chase the wrong ones desperately hoping to not feel so alone

So what do you do ?

You make a choice to become intensely aware of who you are, & change your current patterns and heal the parts of yourself that are allowing this to be your normal ~ chasing relentlessly pursuing is not ‘

Chasing after a man & usually the Wrong one will at best not give you that life you keep dreaming about instead it keeps you locked into your trauma & I do not want that for you

I want you FREE!

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