He is never going to change!

He is never going to change !

How many times have you found yourself banking on the potential of person as opposed to seeing them for what they are?

How many times do you ask yourself where the Hek do I stand with them?
It’s a head trip right ? And yes it happens the other way around too …( male clients be like hey lol) but …

We cling to our hopes don’t we rather than seeing things for what they are
We make excuses
We give away our power essentially
Until we are at the mercy of whatever it is THEY DECIDE

We cling to a dream! We don’t want to accept that half the time we are dealing with a very toxic situation and deep down we know where we stand which isn’t very high up the ladder on their life at all or we wouldn’t be in this loop
to start with !
The reality is this my love , they don’t change & asking where do I stand means you already have you answer !
You just gotta begin the new path ( which I offer in my programs as well )
I know it can sound harsh but don’t waste any more time my love !
Take your power back😍

Oh & Ask yourself
Is this what I dreamed about having my whole life ? Hmmm
Grab your free meditation in my bio that will begin to re write your future
🦋💕ps. I love you