Healthy people don’t keep hurting you

Are you allowing someone to treat you poorly ?

I know how that feels my loves ….I spent years like this as many of you know… the thing is we have to realise that we can’t change them but we can change ourselves. Nobody is allowed to treat you badly that’s their shit & it’s never what you did or didn’t do !

The reality however is we teach people how to treat us and if we aren’t clear on our emotional boundaries then where do we draw that line in the sand !

Anyone that is:

  • Raising their voice at you
  • Using threatening language
  • Name calling
  • Putting you down
  • Stonewalling

Is not a person who loves you !
Healthy people don’t hurt people !!
But my loves if you keep allowing it then you gotta ask yourself what belief, what story are you identifying with that makes it ok that anyone does this to you
I can pretty much guarantee it’s anchored in your inner child as well as lack of emotional boundaries so head over to my podcast and check out my episodes over there that can help you with this

Relationships the good & the messy podcast

For more info on working with me for epic change please dm 🤍💜

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