He’s not in the mood, right?

I have experienced the silent treatment, the manipulation, the aggression because I wasn’t in the mood ! Pretty awful right ? Gosh the control. Eww those toxic connections 😟

Here’s the thing no one wants to have sex with someone who is unpredictable, angry, self serving, and cruel
Maybe we can do it for a while ( usually cos we believe they can change ) but it soon wears thin esp when we realise they ain’t ever going to change and so it becomes a ~~ no thanks ~ and boy do they hate it when those boundaries go down

Healthy love on the other hand is a different story
Being with someone who sees you
Who wants to be emotionally close
Means you can be yourself &
It’s not about JUST the sex

After I survived that last final toxic hell relationship
It put me off men for a while
Even now I can spot a man who is primarily after that one thing
And because of my past I will not go there meaning a purely physical connection is
A ❌❌❌❌for me

But I love there are good men out there who are looking for real connections & not just sex

Tell me if you relate to this my loves
Have you experienced this scenario ?