You deserve great love

I read this quote a while ago & it hit me to the bones….Can you feel it too ?

How many times have you?

  • Settled for so little, thinking that is all you deserved?
  • Pleaded for the bare minimum thinking that’s all we deserved!
  • Begged a person not to leave ( even though they were not good for us ) thinking that’s all you deserved?

And on it goes right ?…. well listen to me my loves when I say, you deserve a love

  • given to you off a silver spoon, not from a knifes edge
  • that is kind and honest and unconditional in other words, and not taking scraps that can ultimately hurt you
  • the very best in every way

I want you to think of the best version of your life, what does that look like, what are the people like in your world, how do you feel each day ~ and so on ~ I want you to live as if you already have the life & the love you deserve

If you are carrying around baggage believing you don’t deserve love ( that tends to look like, bad relationships, anxiety, overthinking, and settling) btw then let me help you change all that !

My 1.1 program is for you if you are serious about change & ready to end the cycle of toxic please dm to book your first initial FREE call ~ 💖

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I want to be part of your journey in seeing you heal, as it’s what I do and you know you need people in your corner ~ so I’m here 🙋‍♀️
I see you
Sally ❤️