Not there for the good times?

You know it’s not ok right ?
You know that he is only there on his terms, when it suits him & when he wants something

I know you cling to the feeling you get when he does show up because hey we all want to feel that sense of belonging and closeness & u like him, but if someone is only bothering when it suits them & you are allowing it then you are setting down a toxic foundation for yourself my love, you deserve way better !

When someone wants to be in your life they are consistent, they have integrity, they are honest about their intentions, it’s that simple. Actions speak

We must must value ourself more
We must know our core values
Our non negotiable’s
Our emotional boundaries
And if someone shows up offering the bare minimum if that you can say, no thanks & Keep moving forward!

Tell me are you getting the love you want or are you a mom settling ?