The only person you need, is YOU

The only person you will 💯 spend your whole life with is you
so isn’t it worth making sure you are the best you
For you !
Yes yes yes !

I spent many years being hard on myself
I felt worthless ! I abandoned myself many times in order to feel accepted or loved
I did crazy things just for a few crumbs of someone’s attention
I didn’t know who I was at all

I was living in fear programming
I had anxiety that was running my life

But eventually after years and years of toxic traumatizing relationships I got to a place where I recognized the lack of love and acceptance I had for myself was at the root of it all

My inner child was crying out for love
I needed to love me
I needed to become present
I needed to be here NOW

I began meditating, chanting, inner child therapy, & I created new routines and habits ~ I began to change how I spoke to myself I became gentler softer and peaceful but yet stronger

Give yourself the gift of deep deep love my love
You are so worth it
Tell me what you love about you ?
I want to know
Sally 💝