The sad truth is, they are not the best for you

The sad truth is the people that we fight to hold on to or the ones we chase are not the best for us.

They usually represent our past, meaning energetically that persons behavior towards you triggers past memories in which you were not seen heard or validated?

It may have been reoccurring or occasional but it impacted you and you formed a belief. Now as the adult you, you unconsciously attract men to your life that elicit the exact same emotions in you as a kid so you then cling and even beg as you have created a blue print match to that early memory, you want that person to see you, acknowledge you like how you wished when you were. Kid ( this is your inner child)

So what can you do
🌹you become aware of this pattern and ask who is this person I am hanging onto reminding me of, usually a father or a mother figure and then tell them how you feel ~ say it out loud
🌹then place your hand over your heart & tell your younger self I love you, you are safe
🌹recognize that this person you are chasing is a catalyst for you to heal, make this about you and healing rather than getting that person to do what you think you need ~ the healing is within you to do

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I see you
Sally ❤️