Toxicity disguised as chemistry

Chemistry is often a sign of familiar unconscious toxic patterns connecting between 2 people

Sure chemistry can be a good thing if we have a history of healthy relationships but so often chemistry ( especially without a sound emotional connection) is actually our internalized trauma conditioning aligning to another’s.

When we keep attracting the same type of people that then elicit the same emotions within us such as fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, sadness ( even though chemistry is great ) what is really happening is your inner child is needing your attention & screaming out to be seen and heard !

In these scenarios you end up attaching fast & becoming clingy needy & desperately trying to get their approval or love because of your inner child needing to feel safe

It’s why the adult” you “can say what am I doing ?

Here’s what to do
Notice this pattern, become self aware of your relationships , the emotional states you tend to feel..,
Are you living in anger, worry,
I’s your mood dependent on how the other person treats you?
Start a conversation with your inner child, ask her/ him what they need
Take small steps each day by becoming more present and recognizing your need to be attached
This is how you begin to heal & dismantle old conditioning just keeps you in your wounded inner child

I teach this in my 1.1 program
Healing your inner child is one of the most powerful ways in transforming your relationships

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