What the bleep are you thinking?

Want to get over your ex & feel nothing but joy and freedom ?

Want to keep moving forward & not be pulled back into a toxic relationship when he realizes you mean it this time. He begins telling you what “he thinks” you wanna hear, the crawl back begins
Some examples include
❌didn’t mean what I said ( not true as it’s re occurring )

❌Of course I care you, just pushed me ( those narcissistic traits, it’s not me it’s you tactic )

❌Do you want me to get us some Thai ( or whatever he knows your fav food is to minimize the hurt that’s occurred & act like nothing has happened ? & on it goes

You hear me right?

Well I know this can have no end in sight because we do opt back in right ?for all sorts of reasons, attachment issues, inner child wounding, fear, familiarity & so on

what if this time it was different
You have support you have a plan to tackle the old habits of this cycle & end it !

Well my 1.1 coaching program may be exactly what you need because we will work together & do the inner work ~ 10 years experience in the industry I know what you need !

Coaching program takeaways:

👉Stay moving foreward & not opt back to a toxic ex no matter how much they do the usual crawl back
👉Say NO to toxic relationships / toxic people FOR GOOD
👉Understanding your old conditioning that has landed you in toxic relationships & dissolve the unconscious patterns
👉Live in the present moment & not from your wounded younger self
👉 Know & manage your responses to your emotional triggers
👉Fill the void within yourself so you are totally self dependent, emotionally & physically
👉Inject emotional boundaries.
👉Create your new emotional blueprint.
Plus so much more

🧘‍♀️You have got to create a new mind, so you can leave the past behind, that’s what I know !

Ready to begin a transformative journey of healing & evolving ! Let’s do this
Dm for my 1.1 coaching details
You are so worth it my darlings
Where will you be a year from now, 5 years and more if you do nothing ?