Yes, breaking up hurts.

You will breathe again and more deeply
Walking away from a relationship is never easy when we have invested so much time it can feel overwhelming
And if you have been in a toxic relationship or trauma bonding situation it can feel incredibly difficult but here’s the good news it doesn’t have to be this way for long
The reason we can stay stuck in sadness or pain is because of the meaning we are giving the situation, we tell ourself a story and we feed it and of course we then feel the emotions of the story and keep rehashing it over & over
Decide to be present

Decide to come into this moment and observe your life and not attach to the story
Yes acknowledge feelings
Yes notice what arises
Then let it be
Let it flow
Surrender !
As you move through this time being more present
Trysting the flow of life
Less thinking
More Being…, you will begin to create a new you
A healed awake you
Not in years or months but in weeks
be present