You deserve love

Ok my loves listen up
You deserve love that feels safe loving and healthy in which you can be authentically yourself!….

Love is not a never-ending chaotic mess
Attachment however can feel like love & often that’s what we think is love

Ending cycles that are anchored in drams chaos, suffering, overthinking means you have to
1. want to stop this pattern as a top priority
2. Be willing to let go of the “familiar you “ go inwards
3. Know that something so much better is out that for you
4. And realise that unless you change your inner beliefs programming then you will continue on the same trajectory

I say all this with love
We can become addicted to the struggle
We can literally be too afraid ( often unconscious ) to do anything any different l, as we are addicted to the hormones of stress ! Hence why change can feel difficult
But same behavior will keep bringing you same results

Let me take you on a journey of total healing & unraveling so you can set yourself up for a future that is beautiful healthy & end this cycle once and for all

You don’t have to keep living in a state of denial or unhappiness

You can change all this

I see you
Sally ❤️