You must create NEW habitual behaviors

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of full presence and self awareness !
Accessing the now brings liberation my lovely friends
It frees you in every way
Here’s the thing

Your patterns ( mind stuff ) will continue to play out in your life from the habit mind ( your subconscious) until you decide to start the practice of self awareness and become
more conscious !

From here you will make new decisions
Take different actions and experience new feelings, creating new habits is key so you gotta do these new behaviors DAILY !
People are stuck in their own automated programs and addicted to them.
Begin to unlearn feelings that you are habitually playing out ( by observing instead of immediately acting out ) and learn to stay in this very moment !
Now is all there is, after all ✨

Today lovelies
Become mindful
Notice how your body feels
Notice yourself being “ yourself”
As you do, feel into your body and BE
Be a new you
Right here now ❤️
Ps I love you