Your past does not define you

Your past is over
It doesn’t define you
Because it does not exist accept as a mental construct of your mind
so go easy on yourself my loves
Because no one is as hard on you as you are on yourself

Let go of the labeling the judging
You are worthy & enough

Stop looking back & feeling regret or any other emotion in which you are judging yourself

What you need right now is gentle acceptance & to take yourself out of your thoughts & bring yourself into your body !
Place your awareness inwards
Feel the sensations of your body & stay there

Be kind to you
You have done the best you could with the knowledge you have had until this point

When you know better you do better

What story can you let go of today that is no longer serving you

I will go first.

A belief or judgement I have had with myself is I can’t be as successful as I want unless I’m in a relationship !

I choose success and abundance today knowing with or without a man I am allowed to be hugely successful & abundant