Your person is out there

Do you believe ? Are you in a place of receiving a beautiful healthy relationship that you have been asking for ? Type yes if you are ❤️

So here’s what I know , making a DECISION that you are ready for love, the healthy unwavering kind , means you are opening your heart for that person to show up & at the same not NEEDING it or desperately seeking it, rather you have let it go . You are ok and happy with you as you
Are but you are also ready to show up
And give ……

When you are thinking in terms of what can I give how can I bring more into someone else’s life you
Are showing up with a full cup ! This is the healthiest foundation to call in love

It’s why I am all about having a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6 months to a year alone after a relationship ends to tend to the relationship
With yourself ! It’s why I run my programs because I want you to be in a healthy deeply loving relationship not a messy toxic one !

Choose love over needing love ❤️
If you have questions I can answer in the comments