You’re looking at the wrong person

I spent a lot of years hanging on to the wrong person
Trying to convince him that I was the one .. it was exhausting . Can you relate ? I didn’t realise at the time but it was my wounded inner child seeking love & validation from an emotionally unavailable man that was doing the begging
The adult me knew he was not good for me but my inner child was driving my choices

What I’ve come to know after years of healing & evolving is that trying to prove your worth is not love, it’s anchored in your wounding & someone giving you mixed messages, or being abusive, or unkind is not love either

The fact is there is someone out there right now that would love to have you in their life
Someone that would do anything to share their life with you, the question is do you believe that?

Or do you believe you have to fight for a few scraps of love ?

When you begin to heal your inner child, when you recognize your internal patterns you can begin to make changes so you stop this pattern of toxic cycles, chasing, begging, searching will be no more

Loving your inner child is where to start my loves

I have a program designed to take you out of your old programs & create a new you! A you that knows herself that is safe & secure and empowered

If you want in , we go deep

Never settle & make a decision today that the future you will thank you for ! Remember nothing changes IF nothing changes
With love
Sally ❤️