You must create NEW habitual behaviors

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of full presence and self awareness !
Accessing the now brings liberation my lovely friends
It frees you in every way
Here’s the thing

Your patterns ( mind stuff ) will continue to play out in your life from the habit mind ( your subconscious) until you decide to start the practice of self awareness and become
more conscious !

From here you will make new decisions
Take different actions and experience new feelings, creating new habits is key so you gotta do these new behaviors DAILY !
People are stuck in their own automated programs and addicted to them.
Begin to unlearn feelings that you are habitually playing out ( by observing instead of immediately acting out ) and learn to stay in this very moment !
Now is all there is, after all ✨

Today lovelies
Become mindful
Notice how your body feels
Notice yourself being “ yourself”
As you do, feel into your body and BE
Be a new you
Right here now ❤️
Ps I love you

Healthy people don’t keep hurting you

Are you allowing someone to treat you poorly ?

I know how that feels my loves ….I spent years like this as many of you know… the thing is we have to realise that we can’t change them but we can change ourselves. Nobody is allowed to treat you badly that’s their shit & it’s never what you did or didn’t do !

The reality however is we teach people how to treat us and if we aren’t clear on our emotional boundaries then where do we draw that line in the sand !

Anyone that is:

  • Raising their voice at you
  • Using threatening language
  • Name calling
  • Putting you down
  • Stonewalling

Is not a person who loves you !
Healthy people don’t hurt people !!
But my loves if you keep allowing it then you gotta ask yourself what belief, what story are you identifying with that makes it ok that anyone does this to you
I can pretty much guarantee it’s anchored in your inner child as well as lack of emotional boundaries so head over to my podcast and check out my episodes over there that can help you with this

Relationships the good & the messy podcast

For more info on working with me for epic change please dm 🤍💜

You’re looking at the wrong person

I spent a lot of years hanging on to the wrong person
Trying to convince him that I was the one .. it was exhausting . Can you relate ? I didn’t realise at the time but it was my wounded inner child seeking love & validation from an emotionally unavailable man that was doing the begging
The adult me knew he was not good for me but my inner child was driving my choices

What I’ve come to know after years of healing & evolving is that trying to prove your worth is not love, it’s anchored in your wounding & someone giving you mixed messages, or being abusive, or unkind is not love either

The fact is there is someone out there right now that would love to have you in their life
Someone that would do anything to share their life with you, the question is do you believe that?

Or do you believe you have to fight for a few scraps of love ?

When you begin to heal your inner child, when you recognize your internal patterns you can begin to make changes so you stop this pattern of toxic cycles, chasing, begging, searching will be no more

Loving your inner child is where to start my loves

I have a program designed to take you out of your old programs & create a new you! A you that knows herself that is safe & secure and empowered

If you want in , we go deep

Never settle & make a decision today that the future you will thank you for ! Remember nothing changes IF nothing changes
With love
Sally ❤️

What the bleep are you thinking?

Want to get over your ex & feel nothing but joy and freedom ?

Want to keep moving forward & not be pulled back into a toxic relationship when he realizes you mean it this time. He begins telling you what “he thinks” you wanna hear, the crawl back begins
Some examples include
❌didn’t mean what I said ( not true as it’s re occurring )

❌Of course I care you, just pushed me ( those narcissistic traits, it’s not me it’s you tactic )

❌Do you want me to get us some Thai ( or whatever he knows your fav food is to minimize the hurt that’s occurred & act like nothing has happened ? & on it goes

You hear me right?

Well I know this can have no end in sight because we do opt back in right ?for all sorts of reasons, attachment issues, inner child wounding, fear, familiarity & so on

what if this time it was different
You have support you have a plan to tackle the old habits of this cycle & end it !

Well my 1.1 coaching program may be exactly what you need because we will work together & do the inner work ~ 10 years experience in the industry I know what you need !

Coaching program takeaways:

👉Stay moving foreward & not opt back to a toxic ex no matter how much they do the usual crawl back
👉Say NO to toxic relationships / toxic people FOR GOOD
👉Understanding your old conditioning that has landed you in toxic relationships & dissolve the unconscious patterns
👉Live in the present moment & not from your wounded younger self
👉 Know & manage your responses to your emotional triggers
👉Fill the void within yourself so you are totally self dependent, emotionally & physically
👉Inject emotional boundaries.
👉Create your new emotional blueprint.
Plus so much more

🧘‍♀️You have got to create a new mind, so you can leave the past behind, that’s what I know !

Ready to begin a transformative journey of healing & evolving ! Let’s do this
Dm for my 1.1 coaching details
You are so worth it my darlings
Where will you be a year from now, 5 years and more if you do nothing ?

Toxic love is like a tumor

Being in a toxic relationship can slowly kill you !

I know because I became super unwell in mine and I believe the years I spent living in my sympathetic nervous system had something to do with it !

We all know emotinally it messes us up but what about the impact it’s having on your body ?

Have you noticed you are more physically sick when you were living in toxic or if you still are how is your health !

Let me take this opportunity to reach out and say I have a 1.1 program that can help you end the toxic in your life !

As a coach for over 10 years I witness the biggest transformations with clients !

If you feel drawn to heal now is that time ! Dm for details ! ❤️check out all my podcast episodes too in the bio !

You can change your whole life !

Yes, breaking up hurts.

You will breathe again and more deeply
Walking away from a relationship is never easy when we have invested so much time it can feel overwhelming
And if you have been in a toxic relationship or trauma bonding situation it can feel incredibly difficult but here’s the good news it doesn’t have to be this way for long
The reason we can stay stuck in sadness or pain is because of the meaning we are giving the situation, we tell ourself a story and we feed it and of course we then feel the emotions of the story and keep rehashing it over & over
Decide to be present

Decide to come into this moment and observe your life and not attach to the story
Yes acknowledge feelings
Yes notice what arises
Then let it be
Let it flow
Surrender !
As you move through this time being more present
Trysting the flow of life
Less thinking
More Being…, you will begin to create a new you
A healed awake you
Not in years or months but in weeks
be present

Healthy love feels good, it’s that simple.

Healthy love feels good it’s that simple !

It doesnt mean you don’t still have your differences that show up, you will, that’s life but there isn’t this never ending battle in your head where you keep suffering, feeling anxious, over thinking.

The right people naturally bring out the best in you !

After a break up the best thing you can ever do is spend time healing & doing the inner work so that when you are ready for love again you are showing up as a new healed thriving version of yourself !

I have witnessed long term clients of mine heal so much on the inside their external world looks nothing as it did when I began working with them
That’s what I’m talking about my loves ! The inner work is key before opting into new relationships💛

Healing to greatness
Healing into your NEW YOU because you healed YOU

DM about my 1.1 heal & evolve break up recovery programs ! I wanna see you thrive !

Your person is out there

Do you believe ? Are you in a place of receiving a beautiful healthy relationship that you have been asking for ? Type yes if you are ❤️

So here’s what I know , making a DECISION that you are ready for love, the healthy unwavering kind , means you are opening your heart for that person to show up & at the same not NEEDING it or desperately seeking it, rather you have let it go . You are ok and happy with you as you
Are but you are also ready to show up
And give ……

When you are thinking in terms of what can I give how can I bring more into someone else’s life you
Are showing up with a full cup ! This is the healthiest foundation to call in love

It’s why I am all about having a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6 months to a year alone after a relationship ends to tend to the relationship
With yourself ! It’s why I run my programs because I want you to be in a healthy deeply loving relationship not a messy toxic one !

Choose love over needing love ❤️
If you have questions I can answer in the comments


The only person you need, is YOU

The only person you will 💯 spend your whole life with is you
so isn’t it worth making sure you are the best you
For you !
Yes yes yes !

I spent many years being hard on myself
I felt worthless ! I abandoned myself many times in order to feel accepted or loved
I did crazy things just for a few crumbs of someone’s attention
I didn’t know who I was at all

I was living in fear programming
I had anxiety that was running my life

But eventually after years and years of toxic traumatizing relationships I got to a place where I recognized the lack of love and acceptance I had for myself was at the root of it all

My inner child was crying out for love
I needed to love me
I needed to become present
I needed to be here NOW

I began meditating, chanting, inner child therapy, & I created new routines and habits ~ I began to change how I spoke to myself I became gentler softer and peaceful but yet stronger

Give yourself the gift of deep deep love my love
You are so worth it
Tell me what you love about you ?
I want to know
Sally 💝

Are you the common demoninator?

When we want to change anything in our life we must first look at ourselves & ask what’s inside of me ( what beliefs/thoughts) must I believe to have this experience playing out in my life consistently.

Answer me this:

  • Are you always in relationships filled with drama, chaos?
  • Do you choose people that aren’t committed to you?

If so, you must begin to become self-aware of who you are.

We choose what feels “familiar “
The mind loves “ the known “ so think about the feelings you experience regularly in your relationships, is it anxiety, stress, not feeling enough, whatever it is ask yourself, when else in my life looking back did I feel these feelings?

What you will find is you have a pattern of these emotions ( like a default within you ) that you have been playing out most of your life

You are therefore unconsciously choosing situations, people that will elicit the same familiar emotions, even though consciously you want it to stop! You choose what’s habitual what’s wired in what’s known

So how can you change it ~ how to unlearn so you can create a new YOU

  1. Become self aware of the emotions you have become addicted to
  2. Begin to observe them without labeling them and be the one who watches instead of playing them out
  3. Consciously begin to create new habits anchored in emotions that feel good

I teach this in my 1.1 programs if you are interested in working with me & diving deep

The reality is we can’t change what we are unconscious of

Change also causes resistance so we need to have a plan for change or we stay stuck in the patterns

As you change and unlearn your old programming & become intensely present your life changes dramatically

DM to coach with me 1.1