Not there for the good times?

You know it’s not ok right ?
You know that he is only there on his terms, when it suits him & when he wants something

I know you cling to the feeling you get when he does show up because hey we all want to feel that sense of belonging and closeness & u like him, but if someone is only bothering when it suits them & you are allowing it then you are setting down a toxic foundation for yourself my love, you deserve way better !

When someone wants to be in your life they are consistent, they have integrity, they are honest about their intentions, it’s that simple. Actions speak

We must must value ourself more
We must know our core values
Our non negotiable’s
Our emotional boundaries
And if someone shows up offering the bare minimum if that you can say, no thanks & Keep moving forward!

Tell me are you getting the love you want or are you a mom settling ?

Breakup, makeup, repeat?

Even when we know a relationship is unhealthy we stay in it

Break up make up patterns are becoming increasingly common but these patterns are extremely toxic! I know because I lived in one of these exact patterns and it s mentally taxing

There are a number of reasons people choose to stay in this type of cycle from unhealthy attachment styles, fear of being alone and we can literally be addicted to the push pull dynamic on and off again dynamic

I’m here to tell you if this is you please seek out help to end it, whether that is myself or someone you feel can assist. DO IT! Over time it will slowly chip away at your soul , t is mentally debilitating & confusing at best and you just don’t want this in your life

I believe many people stay way too long in these scenarios because they have a skewed unsure sense of self and this is why doing the inner work $ knowing your emotional boundaries is necessary so that you can do the right thing for your soul if this starts happening in your relationship

Don’t let this be your normal
Say No to toxic
& take action today ….I have a program in which I take clients inti their empowered self by dissolving these patterns so please message for your initial FREE call

Let me know in the comments if this is something you can relate to ..
And please ask any questions!

5 affirmations to attract a beautiful relationship

Sometimes its hard to imagine having a deeply loving healthy relationship if we haven’t had that before ! Often times we need to create new beliefs around love and re write our internal scripts, so that we can attract a person who loves us unconditionally or maybe we just need reminding that we can have it all.

Here are 5 affirmations to help you call in the love you deserve!

  1. I am in the healthiest relationship of my life
  2. I am loved more than i ever thought possible
  3. love is all around me, it’s everywhere i go
  4. my heart is open for receiving abundance of love
  5. I am so grateful the love i experience is unconditional and healthy


You are allowed to have the happy ever after
Yes the right person is out there
Yes let go & trust
Feel as if it’s already done ( this is so important )

Let me just remind you if you are wanting to call in love to write down what you ideally want & be specific then read it & feel into it every single day, you can also listen to guided meditations on meeting the one, then trust and let it go

Oh and Be in a place where you feel really good about you too ok !

I do love affirmations, I love visualizations and FEELING AS IF and this really is one of the fastest ways to create new subconscious programming

Here are some of my favourite affirmations for attracting love

Please share me some of your favorite quotes around love here in the comments

You deserve great love

I read this quote a while ago & it hit me to the bones….Can you feel it too ?

How many times have you?

  • Settled for so little, thinking that is all you deserved?
  • Pleaded for the bare minimum thinking that’s all we deserved!
  • Begged a person not to leave ( even though they were not good for us ) thinking that’s all you deserved?

And on it goes right ?…. well listen to me my loves when I say, you deserve a love

  • given to you off a silver spoon, not from a knifes edge
  • that is kind and honest and unconditional in other words, and not taking scraps that can ultimately hurt you
  • the very best in every way

I want you to think of the best version of your life, what does that look like, what are the people like in your world, how do you feel each day ~ and so on ~ I want you to live as if you already have the life & the love you deserve

If you are carrying around baggage believing you don’t deserve love ( that tends to look like, bad relationships, anxiety, overthinking, and settling) btw then let me help you change all that !

My 1.1 program is for you if you are serious about change & ready to end the cycle of toxic please dm to book your first initial FREE call ~ 💖

If not yet then grab my FREE meditation in my bio
I want to be part of your journey in seeing you heal, as it’s what I do and you know you need people in your corner ~ so I’m here 🙋‍♀️
I see you
Sally ❤️

That sweet first sleep

I remember it well 😃

The feeling of knowing I didn’t have to deal with him again
The feeling of knowing I was free
I didn’t have to deal with his moods
His anger his aggression his obsession

Everything felt better
Sweeter lighter

That first night I only had a mattress in my new home
I was waiting for my delivery of my household items
But I still felt so damn good
My sheets my bed my space

I could breathe again

Tell me have you escaped a bad relationship
& once free never felt so damn good ?

Tell me in the comments

Presents or presence?

Yep I hear you
Both right ?lol

Truth is having a partner who is present with you is as sexy AF

Someone that leans in, wants to know you
Wants to know WHO YOU ARE

Receiving gifts is nice too
But if a Person can’t hold space with you
then for me it’s a no

Do you agree ?

It’s a no these days for me
Because I have had the relationships
Where I was not seen and it was all very externalized & unfulfilling & I can’t do that any longer

Nothing is better than eye contact
Soul talks
Silly talks
& everything in between ~ that requires presence
Truly listening
Truly connecting

So tell me in comments
Presence or presents 🎁 lol

Are you looking for a partner, or a parent?

Have you been in relationships that are chaotic filled with drama, well it probably has something to do with this … This is a reality that so many people are unaware of! First off how do you know if you have inner wounds, well let’s just say most if not all of us do and not always because we had a bad child hood but because things happen & we don’t always know how to process things so things get buried

Ok so let’s see if this is you?

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Are you asking what do I need or what can I give when you meet someone ?

What drives your relationships ?

What emotions run high in your relationship experiences ?

Can you feel a wounded self, what is she/ he needing ?

Why do you want a relationship ?

Become intensely self aware of yourself & your patterns ……..

In my case I was absolutely unknowingly looking to be saved looking to feel safe taken care of, I was looking for a dad without question. It was so unconscious & after spending years healing I no longer seek or need or want that for my life
I want an equal partner

These parent child relationships are extremely common but they create a lot of stress’s and anxiety at best because nobody can take that role on right ?

The way you heal is to learn to reparent your own wounded child as you do you will choose partners that are equals because it’s not fair to expect our partners to take on that role & you
Will be constantly disappointed as it will never be enough what they do anyway, the healing must come from you

Tell me if you can relate to this message ? Is this you ? Or have you ended up as the parent in the relationship, share your thoughts if you will ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anxiety? you’re overthinking it!

Over thinking can produce a lot of anxiety right ?
Learning to stay in your body & not get pulled into your thoughts all the time is a skill !

Stating connected to your boat means knowing yourself

I teach people how to stay present in my programs as well as offering some super quick techniques to do just that

let me share with you one right now , one of my fav hacks to keep you centered in the body, In the moment

I named it the BORA BORA method’s an acronym, reminding you to come back into the moment when you feel triggered
So here is what you do ~

B~ Breathe
O~ observe
R~ relax
A ~ align

So take a moment to BREATHE deeply into the body
OBSERVE your thoughts instead of identifying with them
RELAX your whole self & then
ALIGN to the present moment

Mastering your own mind does takes practice
But will bring deep peace & wisdom over time & stop the over thinking which literally gets you nowhere

Tell me in the comments with a heart
how much time are you in your mind over thinking

💛50% of time
💚70% of time
.💜90% of time


Your past does not define you

Your past is over
It doesn’t define you
Because it does not exist accept as a mental construct of your mind
so go easy on yourself my loves
Because no one is as hard on you as you are on yourself

Let go of the labeling the judging
You are worthy & enough

Stop looking back & feeling regret or any other emotion in which you are judging yourself

What you need right now is gentle acceptance & to take yourself out of your thoughts & bring yourself into your body !
Place your awareness inwards
Feel the sensations of your body & stay there

Be kind to you
You have done the best you could with the knowledge you have had until this point

When you know better you do better

What story can you let go of today that is no longer serving you

I will go first.

A belief or judgement I have had with myself is I can’t be as successful as I want unless I’m in a relationship !

I choose success and abundance today knowing with or without a man I am allowed to be hugely successful & abundant

You deserve love

Ok my loves listen up
You deserve love that feels safe loving and healthy in which you can be authentically yourself!….

Love is not a never-ending chaotic mess
Attachment however can feel like love & often that’s what we think is love

Ending cycles that are anchored in drams chaos, suffering, overthinking means you have to
1. want to stop this pattern as a top priority
2. Be willing to let go of the “familiar you “ go inwards
3. Know that something so much better is out that for you
4. And realise that unless you change your inner beliefs programming then you will continue on the same trajectory

I say all this with love
We can become addicted to the struggle
We can literally be too afraid ( often unconscious ) to do anything any different l, as we are addicted to the hormones of stress ! Hence why change can feel difficult
But same behavior will keep bringing you same results

Let me take you on a journey of total healing & unraveling so you can set yourself up for a future that is beautiful healthy & end this cycle once and for all

You don’t have to keep living in a state of denial or unhappiness

You can change all this

I see you
Sally ❤️