The obvious signs your relationship is over ☺️

We are here to love and be loved ! Sometimes we need to hear the obvious about our relationship we know is over ! Here are some obvious signs darlings !please reach out to me via my website if you would like to coach with me 💛👧

Dealing with your feelings after being cheated on

Passionately sharing some of my tips in dealing with our feelings after a relationship ends because of cheating ! These tips are a must ! I know this time of pain and how alone it can feel ! I want you to know you aren’t alone !! Just some rambling here like I’m siting with you sharing !! 🙏🙏pm me if you are in need of coaching on my website

Cheated on? Should you forgive & stay 😙🙃

For anyone who is already living in a hot cold/ on off / or ambivalent relationship !some questions to ask yourself around if you find yourself in this situation! Remember it’s NEVER your fault your partner cheated ! It’s all about getting real & honest ! Will do another more in depth podcast around this in a few weeks ! Please dm me for enquires if you are needing help !

Tips on staying sane healthy & well when living with a toxic partner & or leaving a toxic ex

Sharing tips on how to stay sane and healthy if you are wanting to leave your toxic relationship or have recently left one ! We need to self care in this time as it’ can be over whelming ! These tips are definite wins when implemented ! They definitely helped me! Please DM me via my website if you would like a free initial chat about where you are at ! You are not alone 🙏

How’s your day ? Does your Partner even ask or how you are feeling

A super quick rant ~ We all need someone we can lean on and that loves and listens to us right ! Sharing why when your partner comes home from work and doesn’t ask this why it’s going to end up causing great unhappiness !

Stuck in a toxic relationship because of finances

This is so common lovely ones ! Sharing my passionate response about what to do if you are feeling stuck in a toxic relationship and some Steps to get you free ! You can always build on money but your mental health can take a hammering if you stay! Take control of your life and get yourself financially independent 💛

Abuse~ are his family aware ?

I felt so alone and reached out to his extended family but I realised after a while they weren’t going to be supportive ! Go to the right people for help lovely ones ! It amazes me how families ignore clear trouble but blood is thicker than water ! Don’t doubt what you are living just because people are turning a blind eye ! Reach out to me if you need help💛🙏

The 4 phases ( cycle ) of abusive

Abusive relationships operate with a cycle 1. Tension building 2. The abuse 3. Honeymoon phase 4. Calm phase ! Abusive people aren’t abusive all of the time its why it’s so confusing and debilitating living on one ! Understand these phases so you can take Steps to walk away !!! Healthy love is NOT THIS!!

Important ~ know what you want in your relationship

It’s important to know what you want & don’t want in a relationship ! So you can say NO to what isn’t soul serving ! Emotional boundaries are critical & knowing yourself IS key ! You deserve amazing love & where you are free to be yourself ! Get clear on what you want as you are manifesting as we speak by the way you are FEELing right now ! Listen up 💛

Miracles & manifesting ~ how to do it

Sharing a mini miracle I just experienced ! I want you to know you can have the life the love you want on Yes your terms! You can create a NEW YOU! Let 2019 be YOUR YEAR! How to do it ? Sharing a bit here and I want to thank you for all the love & support ! Love you guys !!