Their over reaction is not your problem

Just a super quick message that if you are in a situation dealing with someone’s moods anger name calling IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT💛

Relax for 5 minutes guided meditation

Here is a quick guided meditation to help remove stress at the end of the day ! Please message me at if you would like longer more intimate ones ! Love feedback ❤️thank you for listening

Men ~ what women really want

Listen to the end guys ! This is so about what we as women want & need on our relationships! Talking real !! If you want to have a healthy relationship these points need to be a given !! Please reach out for more information ! ❤️

Emotionally unavailable men !!! You don’t want one

Sharing signs that you have an emotionally unavailable partner !having lived this way for many years I was emotionally are signs that you don’t want to be having in your relationship !! My next episode will be about what to do if you are in this situation ! Listen to the end as I get super passionate about why we all need an emotionally available partner ❤️💕💖

Focus on what YOU want 💛

We can get really caught up in our own pain ! It is important to acknowledge feelings for sure but then we have s choice of how we show up and the future we will create ! Understanding the power Of getting present so you can create a life on your terms is not only healing but empowering ! Do this technique every day to master the present moment ! Part of healing is knowing we have the power to change things ❤️

Tips how to leave a toxic relationship

I get asked a lot how do I leave ? Sharing some important tips so you can take steps to leave a toxic relationship !!it starts with a decision then a commitment some epic self love, a realization that you are not responsible for his feelings and finding your joy in what you love to do !!! It’s not ever easy but you deserve a beautiful healthy life

Fatherless daughters ~ looking for a relationship to heal the wound

Sharing a snippet of my own experience growing up without an emotionally available male ~ father~ and how it affected my choices !! Also how to work through it if you can relate 💛

Fatherless daughters

Just an intro for upcoming podcasts this week around daughters growing up without emotionally available fathers or absent fathers & the impact that has and how you can begin to heal the inner child & recognize the patterns within youself so you can empower your own life regardless of the past experiences

You are enough a relationship is not the answer

I used to believe I needed a relationship in order to feel enough ! That I would br complete but it only led me into toxic situations ! I’m here to say you are beautiful you are enough & the relationship you really are looking for is with yourself 💕💕

Dealing with anxiety and stress

Whether your stress & anxiety is from being in a unhealthy relationship or something you just feel with daily I want to share my best tips in minimizing snd managing stress ! I was once a highly strung anxious mess but after a break down I began the work from the inside out! I hope you find these tips helpful