About Me

Hello Gorgeous souls

I am so happy you are here. I am here to totally guide you into your power and truth and live a life on your terms. Let me share a little about me so you know why I am so passionate in helping YOU.

Firstly yes that is me, unapologetic and embracing all of who I am with self love and worth as the women I am today. I never felt comfortable in my own skin, and carried so much shame hurt and anxiety so for me its more than a photo..it does feel so good to be able to be ME! Let me share a little here lovelies…..

I spent much of my life addicted to finding love, yes addicted. I eventually exhausted myself into an emotional break down because my NEED for love attracted unhealthy toxic love.

I would more often than not find myself in relationships that were anchored in pain, they were dramatic, on again off again, hot and cold and basically emotionally crippling and often abusive..which ultimately caused massive heartache and pain

When I attracted a healthy loving person  I somehow would  sabotage it, why?  at the time I had no idea why but it was because deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy of love, I didn’t feel lovable, so when someone was kind and nurturing to me it didn’t match my internal program they didn’t align to my core beliefs at that time, something I was so unaware of.  I had a subconscious program/pattern running that was never going to allow me to have the great relationship I deeply wanted.

My internal belief system was wired for struggle and pain, it was what I knew and It was evident based on my relationship history.  It got to a point that I needed  answers I needed to know what was inside of me that was allowing this, attracting this.

After many years of abusive chaotic relationships I literally fell to my knees one evening after another  relationship ended. I was so tired, exhausted and over the pain and I knew in my soul that this couldn’t be love  and I wanted to understand ME MORE, that is when I made THE  decision, lying on the floor balling my eyes out that this pain was going to end. I decided right then I wanted a NEW LIFE, one in which I felt strong, calm, and deeply happy and one in which I could have a healthy love. No more accepting crumbs, no more drama infused relationships. I wanted something beautiful for me and my young children.

I didn’t know it then but I needed to LOVE ME FIRST,  go inwards and deconstruct the old paradigms of unworthiness and self hate. I also had to connect with my own inner child, and that was the beginning.

That moment was over 15 years ago and I continue to be amazed at my journey, a journey that has shaken me to the core and helped me heal from the inside out, it is also a journey that has taken me to countless spiritual  retreats, deep meditation practices, cognitive therapies, finding God, finding grace and the universe itself.  I studied Psychology, Neuro Science, and Coaching during this time as well. I slowly began to put all the pieces together. I realized a man was never the answer and that the relationship that was really broken was the one with myself.

Through out this time I gained certified qualifications and begin my coaching practice so I could help and empower others.

I am dedicated in showing beautiful souls how to have the deepest relationship with themselves, how to let go of  toxic relationship patterns, connect inwards, heal deeply and create a beautiful life on their terms.

I am here to offer guidance, support, accountability and the tools and strategies you need to break free from what is no longer serving you in your relationship and ultimately create a life you LOVE.

If you are here because you are feeling stuck and uncertain in your relationship my aim is to relieve you of that exhaustion and offer you a calm empowering approach in this transition time. If you need  some clarity there is a FREE QUIZ  STAY OR GO on the front page of this website.

If you would like to sign up to my regular emails please go to the say hello page and just add in the message just for emails not coaching.

I also have a podcast that is getting a lot of listens and great feedback, please subscribe.. anchor.fm/sallykalan

I want to leave you with this message, you are allowed to have a healthy happy relationship and YES ITS WAITING. As you take the steps forward to make changes  you will naturally experience more confidence, inner peace, freedom, happiness, truth, love, and have a new vision for your life as the layers of protection you have been carrying around fall away and there is a brilliant way to do this and it has to do with your mind, and meditation. Please reach out to me to have an initial FREE CHAT to see of I can further help you on your journey.

I am sending you much love and light.  You are not alone

I look forward to connecting to you and sharing lots more

warmest Sal x