Break ups


#14 Raise your standards ~ make a change

My passionate message on Making a decision to raise your standards


#14 Raise your standards ~ make a change

My passionate message on Making a decision to raise your standards



How to

Inner Child


#127 Find your passion then your man

Ok relationships are the best thing that we all want right ? But your own relationship with yourself literally sets the tone with all your other relationships ! Having passion and purpose in our life is critical to the success of our relationships…

#125 Do this one thing to begin healing your toxic relationship story 💕

Sharing here lovely ones why we attract who we do and if you want different you have to BE different ! It starts with you ! You are going to enjoy this episode as it is about empowering yourself to take full responsibility in creating healthy…

#124 The one thing you must never do after a break up💛

I know how hard it is when a relationship ends and I also know the thing I used to do which git me nowhere ! All it did was erode myself esteem and made me vulnerable to the point of escalated anxiety and worry ! Sharing what you must not do…





#121 This technique will change your relationship story ! So powerful

Beautiful souls ! Practice this technique consistently and watch your relationships change! We have to all be accountable for how WE show up ! This is a simple technique that will re wire your internal programs ! Share with me your results !…

#120 The narcissist partner will do these things in your relationship ! Be aware

Does this sound familiar ? I know it can be the opposite way around too with different sexes but living a life with a narcissist is confusing and we can think we are going crazy ! Sharing insights with you today lovelies so you don’t feel…

#119 How to NOT go back to your toxic EX! Must listen

This is one of the most important messages I’ve shared around toxic relationships and how to stop opting back in ! Listen to all of this important info I share here lovelies! Reach out please go to my Instagram @ sallykalan as my email down…