#126 Nobody can make you happy but YOU

Super passionate message ! Your partner needs to have a life he is happy about ~ FACT!!! it’s not your job to fill that void just like it’s not his job to fill yours! I have experienced mental drain in a relationship where a person was not happy with his life ~ I was the supply of the happiness ~I realised now miserable he really was ! Lacked drive and ambition and resented me but then was also obsessive ! The imbalance of his life meant I was the supply of his happiness .. Truth is we have to each be responsible for how we FEEl each day !! It’s your job ~ no body else’s ! The irony is when you do take care of you, everyone else does too !! Have no expectations of others ~ know your boundaries and chose accordingly ! Be with people who want to grow who are positive and uplifting ! Be that for you first 💛hello@sallykalan.com