#171 Why you keep settling for crumbs in your relationships and how to stop

Welcome back lovely souls
Todays episode is one i know all too well. I spent years accpeting really poor relationships. Todays episode is for you if you keep allowing poor behaviour in your relationship.The reality is many people experiece great love, ehy shouldnt you? well our own beleifs often play into why we do accpet less than we know we deserve, so today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons YOU ARE SETTLING for crumbs and what you can begin to do today to change all of that. Listen to the end as its packed full of juicy information you need to here, Yes im Passionate about this because when you can experience great love you will realise that there are people out there that would give anything to be with you. None of this second guessing and barely there behaviour. If you are keen to heal and evolve, break toxic cycles , and transform your life please contact me via my website or DM AT Instagram account and rememeber you are allowed high level love in every way. Warmest Sally