#174 don’t mess up your relationships like this ….

Welcome back beautiful people to my latest podcast ! Getting real with you Today😝Are you sabotaging your relationships ? I know I USED to . Well I am sharing here very openly ways how I would mess up my healthy relationships, but also how I would stay in toxic ones & why, maybe you will have resonance … Sometimes we are so unaware of how we are showing up right ? .. Listen all the way to the end as it’s all super helpful if this if you too! Let me know If you relate to these behaviors The good news Is in all this is no matter what, you can CHANGE it! I can help you do that with my 4 coaching options on my website if you are interested in creating epic change in your life ! Ps. would love your feedback re my episodes so please leave a review or a dm ! Talk to you all soon Much love Sally ❤️