#69 Abuse~ are his family aware ?

I felt so alone and reached out to his extended family but I realised after a while they weren’t going to be supportive ! Go to the right people for help lovely ones ! It amazes me how families ignore clear trouble but blood is thicker than water ! Don’t doubt what you are living just because people are turning a blind eye ! Reach out to me if you need help💛🙏

#65 Abusive partners ~ continued

This is a follow on from my last podcast about the signs of abusive partners ! I wanted to let you know that they deny the abuse they project back on to you so they don’t have to take responsibility or look at themselves !! You are not going crazy ! Abuse is abuse ! They down play it but don’t let that make you doubt what you are living in !! Please share to anyone who can benefit from these podcasts ! Reach out to me if you need ! 💛

#64 The signs of an abusive partner you can’t ignore !!

Sharing passionately the stand out points of emotional abuse ! It has to stop! Many people don’t even realise that IT IS abuse !! So these signs are super important in recognizing !!

#63 Abuse is never ok

Abuse can be anything from verbal to physical to emotional and it’s all wrong and it can make you so sick !! For me it was the worse experiences and my body couldn’t recover as it once could !my message get Help!! Please !!!! Reach out to me 💛

#6 Toxic abuse ( financial )

When you feel stuck in a toxic relationship because of financial struggle

#5 Toxic abuse ( financial issues )

When you are staying in a toxic relationship because of financial struggle