#168 3 things you MUST never do after a toxic relationship ends 💜

Welcome back beautiful people , to a new episode ! Today’s episode is a short and straight to the point reminder of what NOT to do After a toxic relationship ends ! If you do these 3 things it will make your life so much easier and you will move through the break up easier and more quickly ! Whilst not always easy you can do this and great things await you as you begin breaking those old patterns ! If you find this podcast helpful please share the link & if you would like to work with me 1.1 or be part of my community please head over to my website Or instagram and lets connect ! @sallykalan IG @sallykalancoach FB

#165 Best relationship advice ❤️

Welcome lovelies! Want done straight up good advice ? Here it is ! As a coach for over 10 years and a healed emotional love addict I can tell you now these tipsi share here are super important to the success of a relationship ! Have a listen. Tell me What you think ? If you are ready to totally break your toxic relationship cycles I have a rad program for you that will totally shift you into a new reality ! DM for details and love you to follow me on Instagram so we can connect! Let me know if this was helpful and remember love YOU first ! Much love Sally @sallykalan IG

#164 Are you desperate for a relationship ?

Welcome my lovely people … this is a passionate share because I know many of you will relate.. Feeling emotionally drained frustrated upset annoyed because you are tired of shitty relationships Yet you always want to be in one ! Hmmm… Sharing my story and how I went from desperate and needy to whole and deeply happy from the inside out ! You gotta break the need, the pattern ! Dm me if you are ready to work with me ! Please go follow at Instagram ! You don’t have to live this way ! More episodes on this coming 💜 ps ! I’m here for you

#163 5 ways to empower yourself if you are in a toxic relationship

Hello beautiful people ! So glad you are tuning in .. what do I have for you today ? Well …. Our own narratives / beliefs can be very disempowering ! I stayed way to long in a toxic relationship due to my beliefs that i was a victim, meaning I felt helpless, I could not break free , that was until i began doing these 5 things ! Take a listen and if you are interested in working with me 1:1 to heal & evolve after a break up or my other 2 programs please DM or hello@sallykalan.com! Life is precious don’t wait around hoping something will change ! Take action my love

# 148 How to STOP opting back in with a toxic person

Gorgeous ones .. welcome ! Today’s episode is how to stop going back into a toxic relationship and I am sharing Why you keep going back into it or the same situation and 4 strategies to help you break this cycle for good ! Reach out to me lovely ones if you are all in for big change & ready to coach 1.1 ❤️it’s a game Changer if you are ready to wake up and break the cycle reach me on IG ~ all into there

#140 How to heal NOW

Today I share with you the truth on how to heal ! It’s simple not always easy as we are so identified with our own mind ! Sharing a quick technique as well to assist you in gaining thr present moment ! Your suffering is in your mind ! ! Learn how to stop suffering in your relationships with working with my direct I offer my 1.1 coaching program that focuses on the radical internal re programming stepping into presence and breaking the cycles .! Whether you are healing after a break up or struggling with relationships in general ! DM me @ sallykalan in instagram ! Check out stories and highlights there for testimonials ! Email hello@sallykalan.com ❤️love your feedback

#139 Wake up! Take away the chemistry what’s left ?

Ooops my loves Sorry this episode cut short but the message is there.a must listen if you are addicted to the chemistry but can see it’s toxic !! Please reach out get Help and break & dissolve the cycle !!! It never gets better !! Don’t delude yourself darlings ! The reality is YOU CAN HEAL & deserve a great love Reach me at hello@sallykalan.com or dm me instagram about my programs that wiii change your life ! Love you 😍

#128 How the narcissist gets you !!

Sharing here lovelies a podcast I have been asked to do lots ! How do you end up with a narcissist ? Well there are stages to how they Get you ! Phases of drawing you in !! Pay attention lovelies especially the initial phases ! As someone that has experienced this type of existence I know recovery is possible and nothing feels better than breaking free from these patterns ! Yes you deserve better !! You are allowed it !! Reach out to me if I can help you !! As a side note I believe anyone can heal change including narcissists! But it involves owning your behavior and sadly many narcissists are in such denial which can make it incredibly difficult ! So always focus on yourself and your own healing 💛🙏💕hello@sallykalan.com

#124 The one thing you must never do after a break up💛

I know how hard it is when a relationship ends and I also know the thing I used to do which git me nowhere ! All it did was erode myself esteem and made me vulnerable to the point of escalated anxiety and worry ! Sharing what you must not do here lovelies and why ! But also why we tend to feel we need to !! Reach out to me if I can help you on your Journey ! I have 2 spots left for this year if you are ready to heal message me and ask about my 6 week 1.1 coaching ❤️hello@sallykalan.com

#114 The 7 silent killers of relationships

Often times our relationships are dying a slow death and I wanted to share with you these 7 signs that will ultimately end a relationship ! Please reach out to me if I can assist you on your journey ! I coach people on healing the cycle of toxic as well as break up recovery of any relationship in which you empower yourself for life 💛❤️hello@sallykalan.com