#187 signs your are ready TO WALK AWAY from a toxic relationship

Hello beautiful people ! I know the feeling of being in a toxic relationship I know it grates away piece by piece BUT I also know freedom I also know when enough is enough ! Sharing today 10 signs you are done! That you are close to making a life change ! Grab my FREE guided meditation if you are want change go to my Instagram bio & snatch it up today ! Please share these podcasts & subscribe if you rant value from these ! Warmest hugs 1.1 coaching still open head over to my website or IG

#183 your life after a narcissist

This is a 2 part so please be sure to listen to both ! I wanted to sheet how my live was when I lived in a toxic situation to my life now ! If you question whether you can really heal or have it all you csn ! I’m living proof ! Listen up and let me know if you can relate ! You are not alone ! I could have spoken for hours about this subject but I want you to know the difference between your life now ( if you are suffering or struggling ) to your life when you make the changes ! These episodes are for you ! 1.1 coaching is available if you know yea time ! Much love ❤️ @sellykalan IG

#179 3 steps you must do to clear toxic patterns ! POWERFUL

Hello welcome back my lovely ones ! These 3 steps are what I teach my clients and I wanted to give you them today as they are key in making changes ! There are no shortcuts in creating life long change ! Let me know how you found this! How can I help? Come follow me on IG @sallykalan remember you are not stuck you can be whoever you CHOOSE to be & clear your patterns to a new YOU 💕

#178 Why is my life not changing ? I’m doing the work ! Help

Hello lovelies . Today I wanted to share why it can feel as though things are not changing in our lives and what to do ! There is one necessary ingredient to change and that is ENERGY! The way you feel, your emotional blue print! I’m sharing how to begin to make those energetic shifts so you can create a life that is anchored in your truest authentic self ! If you want to take this further & totally dissolve your old programming please visit my website for details to work with me or come over to IG and say hi ! Nothing changes IF NOTHING CHANGES! We must do the work ! Let me know what you think of this episode ❤️doung

#174 don’t mess up your relationships like this ….

Welcome back beautiful people to my latest podcast ! Getting real with you Today😝Are you sabotaging your relationships ? I know I USED to . Well I am sharing here very openly ways how I would mess up my healthy relationships, but also how I would stay in toxic ones & why, maybe you will have resonance … Sometimes we are so unaware of how we are showing up right ? .. Listen all the way to the end as it’s all super helpful if this if you too! Let me know If you relate to these behaviors The good news Is in all this is no matter what, you can CHANGE it! I can help you do that with my 4 coaching options on my website if you are interested in creating epic change in your life ! Ps. would love your feedback re my episodes so please leave a review or a dm ! Talk to you all soon Much love Sally ❤️

#171 Why you keep settling for crumbs in your relationships and how to stop

Welcome back lovely souls
Todays episode is one i know all too well. I spent years accpeting really poor relationships. Todays episode is for you if you keep allowing poor behaviour in your relationship.The reality is many people experiece great love, ehy shouldnt you? well our own beleifs often play into why we do accpet less than we know we deserve, so today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons YOU ARE SETTLING for crumbs and what you can begin to do today to change all of that. Listen to the end as its packed full of juicy information you need to here, Yes im Passionate about this because when you can experience great love you will realise that there are people out there that would give anything to be with you. None of this second guessing and barely there behaviour. If you are keen to heal and evolve, break toxic cycles , and transform your life please contact me via my website or DM AT Instagram account and rememeber you are allowed high level love in every way. Warmest Sally

#169 Creating a new version of YOU!

Welcome to a new podcast episode lovely people ! Today I share why when we are creating changes we have to 1. Be prepared to get uncomfortable as the mind will resist 2. Have a clear vision of the new you 3. Every day create routines around that new you so those neurons in your brain begin firing and wiring together ❤️🤗You gotta create a new mind in order to leave the past behind ! If you would Like to be part of my community head over to my website and sign up for free stuff and enquiries about my 1.1 coaching please email me hello@sallykalan.com & please share this podcast if you found it helpful I totally appreciate it lovely ones

#163 5 ways to empower yourself if you are in a toxic relationship

Hello beautiful people ! So glad you are tuning in .. what do I have for you today ? Well …. Our own narratives / beliefs can be very disempowering ! I stayed way to long in a toxic relationship due to my beliefs that i was a victim, meaning I felt helpless, I could not break free , that was until i began doing these 5 things ! Take a listen and if you are interested in working with me 1:1 to heal & evolve after a break up or my other 2 programs please DM or hello@sallykalan.com! Life is precious don’t wait around hoping something will change ! Take action my love

#159 How to change !

Apologies for the Speed chatting Here a little as I was in between clients and needed to share this message ASAP LOL ❤️change can not happen unless you are consistent lovely people ! Breaking it down a bit here so you understand why you must start With one step forward and stay consistent darlings ❤️reach out to me if you are ready to transform & heal ❤️✨

#156 Stop thinking a relationship is the answer ~ it isn’t !

Gorgeous ones, A relationship is not the answer except the one with yourself !when we are in NEED of a relationship it is conning from our inner traumas that we have left unattended to ! Choosing love is different to needing ! Today I’m sharing why looking for a relationship or never having time for yourself in between relationships won’t heal or make you happy ! I work with clients that are not only ready to consciously heal their inner trauma patterns permanently but find truth passion& purpose along the way ! Are you ready for real change ? DM if you would like info on my coaching options 😍I am here for you ✨🙏