#182 5 things to say to a narcissist to disarm them & take back your power

Welcome back my loves ! Following on from my last episode I am sharing here 5 things to say to a narcissist so you take back your power ! These powerful statements became my go to when dealing with an ex narcissist partner ! Let me know how you go ! If you are ready to invest in healing & dissolving your unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles please dm ! Bookings for next year are under way ❤️your life will never be the same when you unlearn ❤️

#173 How you know you have found the one ❤️

Hello beautiful souls, welcome back to a new episode ! I talk a lot about the toxic people and red flags and healing right but today I wanted to talk about something positive and uplifting😀 and that is, when you know you have found the one ! Sharing here some of the signs that you are with the ONE! Let me know if this resonates IG@sallykalan ! Make sure you listen to the end as all of these qualities are such a sign ! See you all soon ! Ps! I’m thinking of creating a fb group around the healing work let me know if you would be interested in joining ❤️ps! You are allowed to have a Healthy beautiful relationship ! Are you ready ?

#167 Father Issues is this you ?

Welcome to another podcast lovelies! Today’s episode is around father issues and I am sharing today why we tend to have these issues and how they manifest in your relationships and what you can begin to do to break this pattern ! If you would like to be part of my community in helping you heal & evolve into healthy relationships head over to my website and I can send you regular tips & info in healing and transforming ❤️please share this link if you have found it helpful and my 1.1 coaching is now available❤️warmest sally

#166 Signs your inner child needs healing

Welcome lovelies to a new episode Healing your inner child will transform your relationship & it’s why I am so passionate in sharing anything around the inner child ! We are often unconsciously holding onto experiences we have forgotten that deeply impact our connections in relationships ! The reality is help is available and this help can totally shift your life into a whole new world! If you are ready to heal and transform & you are tired with the same patterns then let’s connect and I can let you know about my 1.1 program ! Dm me at IG@sallykalan or hello@sallykalan.com. You are allowed to have a healthy loving relationship & sometimes we need to take care of our younger self first ! Please share if you feel this podcast was helpful ❤️

#154 The 6 things a narcissist will say to you 😝

I know how painful it is living with a narcissistic person it can be a head trip and you think you are going crazy but here’s the deal you are not ! I’m sharing 8 things here that you will hear a narcissist say because they believe it’s never them right ? Not !! Please reach out to me if you would like details on my 1.1 coaching program the wide awake chapter ~ healing & transforming your relationships ☀️🤗dm @sallykalan Instagram or email hello@sallykalan.com 😊

#147 How to manage your emotional triggers

We all have them ! Sometimes however we can live in a place of permanently reacting and not responding ! This is due to unhealed or suppressed wounds in our psyche! You can heal and dissolve these! But for today I am sharing how you can manage your emotions as you are triggered in 3 Steps..1. Breathe 2. Observe the feelings as they arise 3. Acceptance ! Have a listen and recognize you are not your triggers ! You have them but not them! Learning to separate out from the trigger is going to be super helpful in healing your relationship story ! My 1.1 coaching program we cover all this and more ! Reach out for info @sallykalan on my IG or at hello@sallykalan .com ! I eouid love you to leave a review if you find my podcasts helpful !! ❤️🙏🙏🙏

#141 The ONE way to heal your toxic relationship

Gorgeous ones ! This is one of my most important messages I’ve ever delivered ! There is only one way to truly heal !It is Now! In this episode I talk about the importance of being in the now and why it heals ! If you want to end the struggle the suffering it starts with you getting out of your mind & into your body ~ embodying presence ! If you are wanting to explore deeper & do the inner work I have a 6 week or 3 month program designed to rapidly shift and heal your relationship story ! Dm me my Instagram @sallykalan or message me hello@sallykalan.com!!!the only program you will ever need if you are totally ready to heal for life!!💯❤️

#140 How to heal NOW

Today I share with you the truth on how to heal ! It’s simple not always easy as we are so identified with our own mind ! Sharing a quick technique as well to assist you in gaining thr present moment ! Your suffering is in your mind ! ! Learn how to stop suffering in your relationships with working with my direct I offer my 1.1 coaching program that focuses on the radical internal re programming stepping into presence and breaking the cycles .! Whether you are healing after a break up or struggling with relationships in general ! DM me @ sallykalan in instagram ! Check out stories and highlights there for testimonials ! Email hello@sallykalan.com ❤️love your feedback

#138 – Why you are attracting emotionally unavailable men!

You don’t have to keep attracting these types but awareness around why you do is the first step! 

Here are some of the reasons you are calling in these relationships1. Lack of self worth. 

Your story around relationships 3.abandonment issues 4. You yourself aren’t available and knowing your own emotional boundaries! 

Have a listen and ask me about my new program launching soon! 

How to create a new mind & leave the past behind! 

Healing for life ~ the wide awake chapter! contact my via website / Instagram or email hello@sallykalan.com … the waitlist for my program offers a 30% discount prior to launch so reach out lovelies 💕

#133 How to create & manifest your best life ever ! A must listen💕

This is one of my favorite shares!! I want you to heal thrive and live an awake life so you can have it all ! Listen to the end because tnis is how you make changes ❤️reach out to me hello@sallykalan.com I am taking new clients and have some spots available ! If you are ready for epic healing & change please reach out! It’s going to be amazing