#178 Why is my life not changing ? I’m doing the work ! Help

Hello lovelies . Today I wanted to share why it can feel as though things are not changing in our lives and what to do ! There is one necessary ingredient to change and that is ENERGY! The way you feel, your emotional blue print! I’m sharing how to begin to make those energetic shifts so you can create a life that is anchored in your truest authentic self ! If you want to take this further & totally dissolve your old programming please visit my website for details to work with me or come over to IG and say hi ! Nothing changes IF NOTHING CHANGES! We must do the work ! Let me know what you think of this episode ❤️doung

#177 SIGNS that you are a love addict

Welcome back lovely people can you relate ? I was a love addict for years and being a love addict isn’t pretty as it comes from our wounding our inner trauma patterns ! Sharing today the signs you are a love addict and how to begin to dismantle this pattern ! Remember we attract where we are at as well do as we heal we attract more healed to us aswell ! Let me know if you have resonance ! What is your takeaways ! To work with me 1.1 go to my website or DM over at Instagram @sallykalan

#171 Why you keep settling for crumbs in your relationships and how to stop

Welcome back lovely souls
Todays episode is one i know all too well. I spent years accpeting really poor relationships. Todays episode is for you if you keep allowing poor behaviour in your relationship.The reality is many people experiece great love, ehy shouldnt you? well our own beleifs often play into why we do accpet less than we know we deserve, so today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons YOU ARE SETTLING for crumbs and what you can begin to do today to change all of that. Listen to the end as its packed full of juicy information you need to here, Yes im Passionate about this because when you can experience great love you will realise that there are people out there that would give anything to be with you. None of this second guessing and barely there behaviour. If you are keen to heal and evolve, break toxic cycles , and transform your life please contact me via my website or DM AT Instagram account and rememeber you are allowed high level love in every way. Warmest Sally

#170 How to attract and create a loving relationship

Welcome back lovely ones ! Today’s podcast is one of my favs because it’s all about manifesting ! Calling in a great love ! These tips are gold! Take notes and let me know how you go with this ! If you have any questing please reach out ! Please come join my tribe over @instagram and if you are ready to heal toxic cycles I have 4 programs to choose from DM @instagram or via website !

#161 Managing your emotional triggers

Welling back beautiful souls ! A new episode which I know many of us struggle with … What are your emotional triggers ? It can be exhausting when we are feeling a sense of anxiety stress from being triggered right ? Here I am today sharing what your emotional triggers are & how to manage them, because managing your responses is freedom .. You can feel a whole sense of peace when you learn to stay anchored in the now and not get activated ! Let me know if you found this helpful ! I am here for you! My 1.1 coaching program is available again at this time please enquire to receive my coaching options ! With love sally ✨💕

#160 TRAITS you must have in the person you marry

Sharing here my top traits I believe you need in a partner for life! There will be many more but I feel these are a stand out ‘ let me know what you think & let me know if you are interested in coaching with me ! As a coach for over 10 years I teach people how to create a new version of themselves & consciously heal their relationships so if you are ready hello@sallykalan.com we dive deep ! My goal is for my clients to totally shift their old paradigm and step fully into their power & truth ❤️

#159 How to change !

Apologies for the Speed chatting Here a little as I was in between clients and needed to share this message ASAP LOL ❤️change can not happen unless you are consistent lovely people ! Breaking it down a bit here so you understand why you must start With one step forward and stay consistent darlings ❤️reach out to me if you are ready to transform & heal ❤️✨

# 148 How to STOP opting back in with a toxic person

Gorgeous ones .. welcome ! Today’s episode is how to stop going back into a toxic relationship and I am sharing Why you keep going back into it or the same situation and 4 strategies to help you break this cycle for good ! Reach out to me lovely ones if you are all in for big change & ready to coach 1.1 ❤️it’s a game Changer if you are ready to wake up and break the cycle reach me on IG ~ all into there

#147 How to manage your emotional triggers

We all have them ! Sometimes however we can live in a place of permanently reacting and not responding ! This is due to unhealed or suppressed wounds in our psyche! You can heal and dissolve these! But for today I am sharing how you can manage your emotions as you are triggered in 3 Steps..1. Breathe 2. Observe the feelings as they arise 3. Acceptance ! Have a listen and recognize you are not your triggers ! You have them but not them! Learning to separate out from the trigger is going to be super helpful in healing your relationship story ! My 1.1 coaching program we cover all this and more ! Reach out for info @sallykalan on my IG or at hello@sallykalan .com ! I eouid love you to leave a review if you find my podcasts helpful !! ❤️🙏🙏🙏

#146 The power of NOW! This is how you truly heal !

A reminder of why becoming present transforms your life ! There are many ways to dissolve suffering in our relationships and live a more awakened life but learning to live in presence IS it ! I teach people all over the world how to live this way and I see people transforming their lives daily because if this ! Reach out to me if you are ready to let go of toxic cycles, neediness, unhappiness, stress and live awake and experience deep peace daily ❤️you can find me on Instagram @sallykalan! Please leave a review if you found this helpful l😀so much gratitude lovely humans ! Ps! You are not alone and remember nothing changes If nothing changes 💜❤️