#145 How to transform your relationships❤️

It starts with you my love ! You carry within you, your conditioning, your beliefs and unconsciously play out your wounds that are looking and wanting to be healed ! Your relationships don’t create your trauma they reveal to you what’s already within you ! I am going to do a few similar episodes so you can break things down for you in digestible segments ! If you want to transform your relationships today’s show I share where to begin !! Dm me if you are interested in coaching with me in my Instagram @sallykalan and let me know if I can help you 💛✨💕

#143 How to use isolation time to reflect & heal

We are in strange times darlings with the covid virus but this is when we can reflect and decide in how we move forward in our relationships ! I rambled a little here but hope you take something away ! I know it’s so very difficult for many of us let’s look for a silver lining in all of this❤️message me on IG @sallykalan for a free chat in this isolation time ! Let me help you step into your power ❤️❤️❤️

#140 How to heal NOW

Today I share with you the truth on how to heal ! It’s simple not always easy as we are so identified with our own mind ! Sharing a quick technique as well to assist you in gaining thr present moment ! Your suffering is in your mind ! ! Learn how to stop suffering in your relationships with working with my direct I offer my 1.1 coaching program that focuses on the radical internal re programming stepping into presence and breaking the cycles .! Whether you are healing after a break up or struggling with relationships in general ! DM me @ sallykalan in instagram ! Check out stories and highlights there for testimonials ! Email hello@sallykalan.com ❤️love your feedback

#138 – Why you are attracting emotionally unavailable men!

You don’t have to keep attracting these types but awareness around why you do is the first step! 

Here are some of the reasons you are calling in these relationships1. Lack of self worth. 

Your story around relationships 3.abandonment issues 4. You yourself aren’t available and knowing your own emotional boundaries! 

Have a listen and ask me about my new program launching soon! 

How to create a new mind & leave the past behind! 

Healing for life ~ the wide awake chapter! contact my via website / Instagram or email hello@sallykalan.com … the waitlist for my program offers a 30% discount prior to launch so reach out lovelies 💕

#137 How to know if a guy/girl is into you 💗

Super quick message darlings ! How do you know ~ it’s very simple my loves ! Have a listen to this very succinct response to this question ! If you have any questions please reach out and ask about my 1.1 coaching programs 💗🦋hello@sallykalan.com and come over into IG see you there ! Introduce yourself I love connecting 🧘‍♀️🦋

#135 My diagnosis ~ toxic relationships made me seriously sick

I had a recent diagnosis that has shocked me ! Here I share why you must be so acutely aware of How toxic relationships can literally make you sick ! The stress the anxiety that I experienced for years I feel has directly affected my liver and now I await results ! Please listen to this and a reminder of why toxic doesn’t just affect you mentally it can literally create dis~ease in the body ! I will crack this no matter what ~ but I see it as the back lash to all I have gone through ! I don’t want this to be you! Reach out to me for 1.1 coaching hello@sallykalan.com or IG sallykalan ❤️

#133 How to create & manifest your best life ever ! A must listen💕

This is one of my favorite shares!! I want you to heal thrive and live an awake life so you can have it all ! Listen to the end because tnis is how you make changes ❤️reach out to me hello@sallykalan.com I am taking new clients and have some spots available ! If you are ready for epic healing & change please reach out! It’s going to be amazing

#132 How to transform your relationships! 4 musts ❤️

How do I make my relationship better ? Or how can I have a healthy relationship ? Is questions I get asked all the time so here are your musts lovely people! These tips will bring the change you need ! Reach out to me if you are interested in working with me. I have different coaching programs and options that bring radical changes ❤️hello@sallykalan.com. Love you to write a review if you found this helpful or dm me ! 💛💛💛💛

#122 Healing your inner child

Sharing some of my experience as someone that was super sensitive over reactive needy in my relationships ! Can you relate ? These behaviours always come from our wounded inner child and our job is to heal those wounds instead of projecting them and playing them out. ! Sharing on today’s show how to do this and how are wounds show up in our relationships .Please reach out to me if I can Help you heal …www.sallykalan.com❤️

#119 How to NOT go back to your toxic EX! Must listen

This is one of the most important messages I’ve shared around toxic relationships and how to stop opting back in ! Listen to all of this important info I share here lovelies! Reach out please go to my Instagram @ sallykalan as my email down atm and ask about my programs if you need any help! You are not alone and I am here for you 💛💛