#176 Why do people I care about let me down

Welcome back to a new episode beautiful people ! This is more a general sharing of my own recent experience Of being let down by someone I trusted but I am also sharing why we do keep allowing people that are unreliable or inconsistent on our life ! Whilst it ultimately ties into our conditioning and inner child wounding I share today the 2 main reasons why it happens ! Let me know if this podcast has resonance with you and let he know if you share it in your IG stories & I can tag you ! If you are ready to heal & evolve and transform your relationships go check out my website for details about my programs ! Thank you fir listening ! Have any questions ? Please ask & I will get back to you

#166 Signs your inner child needs healing

Welcome lovelies to a new episode Healing your inner child will transform your relationship & it’s why I am so passionate in sharing anything around the inner child ! We are often unconsciously holding onto experiences we have forgotten that deeply impact our connections in relationships ! The reality is help is available and this help can totally shift your life into a whole new world! If you are ready to heal and transform & you are tired with the same patterns then let’s connect and I can let you know about my 1.1 program ! Dm me at IG@sallykalan or hello@sallykalan.com. You are allowed to have a healthy loving relationship & sometimes we need to take care of our younger self first ! Please share if you feel this podcast was helpful ❤️

#151 The signs you are living in your inner child

Sharing the signs here that you are living through your younger self! This was me for years and it’s why things can not change. Once we are aware we can make the changes ! Do you recognize these signs within you ? What emotion is evident in your relationships ! Reach out & ask about my limited spots for my 1.1 coaching ! If you are ready to transform I got it here for you ❤️Instagram come see me there

#149 Your child & sub personalities could be sabotaging your relationships

I am sharing info here lovely once around your sub personalities, and what they are ! They are aspects of us and they can be sabotaging your life in a variety of ways as well as keeping you stuck .Getting to know your sub personalities and having an awareness around therm can be a game changer in transforming your relationships ! You are not of course your personalities you have them! What ones are working for you in your life ? What ones aren’t ? The inner child the critic the analyst the teenager the pleaser the joker are all examples of these different selves ! See them as single individuals with their own set of ideas beliefs thoughts feelings that live within you ! Who are you playing ? Message me for more info or on working with me ! You can DM me on IG or hello@sallykalan.com❤️warm hugs as always ~ Sally

#122 Healing your inner child

Sharing some of my experience as someone that was super sensitive over reactive needy in my relationships ! Can you relate ? These behaviours always come from our wounded inner child and our job is to heal those wounds instead of projecting them and playing them out. ! Sharing on today’s show how to do this and how are wounds show up in our relationships .Please reach out to me if I can Help you heal …www.sallykalan.com❤️

#113 How to begin healing your inner child

Your relationship struggles are so often tied into your inner child! When we begin to connect inwards and heal our younger self our life choices can shift immensely! This is such an integral part of my coaching as well as working with the subconscious programs ! So please reach out to me if I can assist you with your relationship ❤️💛

#112 Your inner child can heal your relationships 💛

This is a quick message on the importance of healing your inner child in order to have quality loving relationships. So often we seek “external” validation and things and people but to change your life experiences in regards to your relationships quite often is to reparent the inner child ! This is a quick overview of why it’s important and tomorrow’s podcast will be specific things you can do to connect to that part of yourself !! Also If you aren’t on my email like please message me hello@sallykalan.com so I can add you to my monthly messages ! I am about to send out a campaign and offering a FREE coaching session with me ~ as part of my giving back ! So so passionate in helping each and every one of you ❤️so if you have thought about coaching and looking for Help this is your opportunity 💛🙏I will be back tomorrow with more lovely people

#111 Breaking the cycle of toxic love

This is super important messages here lovely people ! The way to heal and chAnge is by first becoming self aware of who you truly are ! Then connecting to your inner child and beginning the reparenting process ! Reach out to me if I can help you on your journey ! You are not alone ! Healing begins within ! You don’t heal by finding someone else ❤️hello@sallykalan.com

#110 Red flags ~ warning signs you can’t ignore in your relationship

Sharing with you my loves the red flags you often ignore when it comes to your relationship ! Often the “adult you” knows it isn’t not ok but your inner child / younger self is looking for love and often unknowingly avoids these earning signs !! If you see the signs it’s the universe showing you !! Please listen ! Take action!! I have been there and it creates such huge anxiety when we stay in situations that is ultimately destroying our inner peace and often our hearts! Reach out to me if you are interested in working with me 1.1 .. much love ❤️sally

#49 Fatherless daughters

Just an intro for upcoming podcasts this week around daughters growing up without emotionally available fathers or absent fathers & the impact that has and how you can begin to heal the inner child & recognize the patterns within youself so you can empower your own life regardless of the past experiences