#175 why are my manifestations not working ?

Hello welcome back ! I love creating and I love that we literally are the creators of our life based on our beliefs and internal stories but what if you have been intentionally manifesting & nothing is happening ! Well I dm sharing today why that is and what you can do to speed up your dream life ❤️if you are not already following me come on over to Instagram say hello and please share these podcasts if you feel called ! I really do appreciate you all and am grateful for such a wonderful tribe of listeners ❤️

#170 How to attract and create a loving relationship

Welcome back lovely ones ! Today’s podcast is one of my favs because it’s all about manifesting ! Calling in a great love ! These tips are gold! Take notes and let me know how you go with this ! If you have any questing please reach out ! Please come join my tribe over @instagram and if you are ready to heal toxic cycles I have 4 programs to choose from DM @instagram or via website !

#167 Father Issues is this you ?

Welcome to another podcast lovelies! Today’s episode is around father issues and I am sharing today why we tend to have these issues and how they manifest in your relationships and what you can begin to do to break this pattern ! If you would like to be part of my community in helping you heal & evolve into healthy relationships head over to my website and I can send you regular tips & info in healing and transforming ❤️please share this link if you have found it helpful and my 1.1 coaching is now available❤️warmest sally

#133 How to create & manifest your best life ever ! A must listen💕

This is one of my favorite shares!! I want you to heal thrive and live an awake life so you can have it all ! Listen to the end because tnis is how you make changes ❤️reach out to me hello@sallykalan.com I am taking new clients and have some spots available ! If you are ready for epic healing & change please reach out! It’s going to be amazing

#129 Manifest a relationship like this 😊super empowering

This is my motivation Friday rant on everything manifesting love !! Super passionate here because you absolutely can call in a great relationship my loves ! Here’s how ! Let’s work together in 2020 hello@sallykalan.com come follow me on IG I am so excited for you all to reach your goals and dreams !! Yes

#118 Attracting your ideal partner ~ guided meditation

This is a beautiful guided meditation that I have put together to relax you & assist your in calling In a beautiful relationship ! I have been practicing meditation for over 10 years and it is such an amazing tool for manifesting, getting present and creating space for your ideal life existence ! Practice this for the next 21 days & watch your ideal life reveal itself !! Reach out to me to enquire about my coaching options ! Hello@sallykalan.com ❤️please follow me on IG & grab yourself the free quiz !!

#104 How to manifest the love of your life ❤️

Sharing some super important tips on how to Csll in the love of your life ❤️make sure you listen to the end as everything I share here is so important and truth ! I love working with the law of creation! Apply these strategies and do this and you will call in what you truly desire in a relationship ! Let me know how you go and please reach out to me if I can assist you on your journey ! I love this episode it’s got what you need ❤️

#83 10 qualities that he is a good man ❤️

It’s so important to know what we want right ? Here is my list of the qualities I feel makes for a great partner ? What are yours ? We all deserve amazing healthy love ! So have a listen do you agree with these ? If you are stuck in your relationship please reach out to me ! Hello@sallykalan.com or go to my website ! I help people heal and manifest a life on their terms 💛💕

#68 Important ~ know what you want in your relationship

It’s important to know what you want & don’t want in a relationship ! So you can say NO to what isn’t soul serving ! Emotional boundaries are critical & knowing yourself IS key ! You deserve amazing love & where you are free to be yourself ! Get clear on what you want as you are manifesting as we speak by the way you are FEELing right now ! Listen up 💛

#67 Miracles & manifesting ~ how to do it

Sharing a mini miracle I just experienced ! I want you to know you can have the life the love you want on Yes your terms! You can create a NEW YOU! Let 2019 be YOUR YEAR! How to do it ? Sharing a bit here and I want to thank you for all the love & support ! Love you guys !!