#187 signs your are ready TO WALK AWAY from a toxic relationship

Hello beautiful people ! I know the feeling of being in a toxic relationship I know it grates away piece by piece BUT I also know freedom I also know when enough is enough ! Sharing today 10 signs you are done! That you are close to making a life change ! Grab my FREE guided meditation if you are want change go to my Instagram bio & snatch it up today ! Please share these podcasts & subscribe if you rant value from these ! Warmest hugs 1.1 coaching still open head over to my website or IG

#187 why emotional connection is everything

Welcome back beautiful people ! here is your list of Why emotional connection is the foundation of a great relationship! A must or you will starve emotionally in your relationship! Sharing 10 points ! Tell me if this podcast resonates and please leave a review if you found it helpful ! Please join me on Instagram and join my fb support group as mentioned ! ❤️big love sally

#186 signs you are living in a toxic mess relationship

Hello Beautiful souls the signs of what it feels like living in a toxic messy relationship. What I forgot to add was you do not need to stay stuck reach out and ask me !love to see you on my IG and grab your FREE MEDITATION TODAY to dissolve unconscious patterns and create a nee you ! Super Powerful❤️link on my Instagram @sallykalan or website !

#185 The power of your choices will impact your life

Hello beautiful souls ! FIRST GRAB YOUR FREE GUIDED MEDITATION TO DISSOLVE OLD CONDITIONING ( bio in Instagram or on my website ) ❤️ you will love it ……..ok so today’s quick powerful reminder is that your choices are affecting your life what choices are you choosing today that will benefit your future you? It’s time to plan ! Your decisions create a chain of events so intend WhAt it is you want to see for your life my loves ! This I your reminder to start thinking about YOUR decisions ! Love you ! Please share this podcast & remember to grab your free meditation and join the movement to be your free authentic self ❤️❤️

#184 Confused about his /her intentions listen up

Welcome my loves ! A super quick but must listen ! Never settle, stop trying to prove your worth, cut your losses ! Hers why ? Many of you been saying the same thing Lately, mixed messages basically abd this is my response to someone who is not all in and ambivalent ! 1.1 coaching for February is ready for bookings, January filled ! Please contact hello@sallykalan.com ❤️let’s create a new you now !!

#183 your life after a narcissist

This is a 2 part so please be sure to listen to both ! I wanted to sheet how my live was when I lived in a toxic situation to my life now ! If you question whether you can really heal or have it all you csn ! I’m living proof ! Listen up and let me know if you can relate ! You are not alone ! I could have spoken for hours about this subject but I want you to know the difference between your life now ( if you are suffering or struggling ) to your life when you make the changes ! These episodes are for you ! 1.1 coaching is available if you know yea time ! Much love ❤️ @sellykalan IG

#182 5 things to say to a narcissist to disarm them & take back your power

Welcome back my loves ! Following on from my last episode I am sharing here 5 things to say to a narcissist so you take back your power ! These powerful statements became my go to when dealing with an ex narcissist partner ! Let me know how you go ! If you are ready to invest in healing & dissolving your unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles please dm ! Bookings for next year are under way ❤️your life will never be the same when you unlearn ❤️

#181 living with a narcissist

Ok this is a big one lovely people ! Sharing with you solid gold information if you are struggling living with a narcissist! You will learn what they say to you regularly how you feel and what you must do ! Reach out to me and ask about my 1.1 program ! I am here for you ❤️

#180 does he really care or not ?

Hello lovelies welcome back ! Well there’s only one thing you can rely on to tell you whether he/ she cares / loves you or not ! Forget words ! Have a listen and let mr know if this resonated! Let me know how I can help you move forward/ dissolve toxic cycles ! My 4 programs are in my website and You can find me on Instagram @sallykalan or my website ! What did you take away listening to this ? ❤️I am here for you Sally 🌹

#179 3 steps you must do to clear toxic patterns ! POWERFUL

Hello welcome back my lovely ones ! These 3 steps are what I teach my clients and I wanted to give you them today as they are key in making changes ! There are no shortcuts in creating life long change ! Let me know how you found this! How can I help? Come follow me on IG @sallykalan remember you are not stuck you can be whoever you CHOOSE to be & clear your patterns to a new YOU 💕