#187 signs your are ready TO WALK AWAY from a toxic relationship

Hello beautiful people ! I know the feeling of being in a toxic relationship I know it grates away piece by piece BUT I also know freedom I also know when enough is enough ! Sharing today 10 signs you are done! That you are close to making a life change ! Grab my FREE guided meditation if you are want change go to my Instagram bio & snatch it up today ! Please share these podcasts & subscribe if you rant value from these ! Warmest hugs 1.1 coaching still open head over to my website or IG

#186 signs you are living in a toxic mess relationship

Hello Beautiful souls the signs of what it feels like living in a toxic messy relationship. What I forgot to add was you do not need to stay stuck reach out and ask me !love to see you on my IG and grab your FREE MEDITATION TODAY to dissolve unconscious patterns and create a nee you ! Super Powerful❤️link on my Instagram @sallykalan or website !

#177 SIGNS that you are a love addict

Welcome back lovely people can you relate ? I was a love addict for years and being a love addict isn’t pretty as it comes from our wounding our inner trauma patterns ! Sharing today the signs you are a love addict and how to begin to dismantle this pattern ! Remember we attract where we are at as well do as we heal we attract more healed to us aswell ! Let me know if you have resonance ! What is your takeaways ! To work with me 1.1 go to my website or DM over at Instagram @sallykalan

#173 How you know you have found the one ❤️

Hello beautiful souls, welcome back to a new episode ! I talk a lot about the toxic people and red flags and healing right but today I wanted to talk about something positive and uplifting😀 and that is, when you know you have found the one ! Sharing here some of the signs that you are with the ONE! Let me know if this resonates IG@sallykalan ! Make sure you listen to the end as all of these qualities are such a sign ! See you all soon ! Ps! I’m thinking of creating a fb group around the healing work let me know if you would be interested in joining ❤️ps! You are allowed to have a Healthy beautiful relationship ! Are you ready ?

#172 the 5 signs you are being used !

Hello lovely ones ! Welcome back to the podcast today ! This one today is for you if you have recently started dating someone and your getting mixed signals and questioning if he is serious about you or not or just using you ! Well I can tell you now these 5 signs are close something is not right but I would always suggest asking them too, are you serious about getting to know me or not? Gotta just say it as it is sometimes ! But here are the 5 signs that it might not be going anywhere ! I love you guys and want you to experience only deeply satisfying connections so I hope this podcast is helpful ! If you are ready to heal & transform I have my coaching options for you just dm me at my email or instagram DM@sallykalan ❤️please share these podcasts whenever you feel others can benefit ! Warmest sally 💛

#166 Signs your inner child needs healing

Welcome lovelies to a new episode Healing your inner child will transform your relationship & it’s why I am so passionate in sharing anything around the inner child ! We are often unconsciously holding onto experiences we have forgotten that deeply impact our connections in relationships ! The reality is help is available and this help can totally shift your life into a whole new world! If you are ready to heal and transform & you are tired with the same patterns then let’s connect and I can let you know about my 1.1 program ! Dm me at IG@sallykalan or hello@sallykalan.com. You are allowed to have a healthy loving relationship & sometimes we need to take care of our younger self first ! Please share if you feel this podcast was helpful ❤️

#157 The 4 signs your relationship is over ✨

Hello beautiful people ! I know you know these signs if you are totally fed up and living in a situation that is draining you ! It’s never easy making a decision that affects more than just us but not making a decision or staying in a deeply unhappy environment hurts our soul over time ! Sharing these 4 signs and if you need help and ready to transform please reach out and ask me about my 1.1 coaching program 💙hello@sallykalan.com

#151 The signs you are living in your inner child

Sharing the signs here that you are living through your younger self! This was me for years and it’s why things can not change. Once we are aware we can make the changes ! Do you recognize these signs within you ? What emotion is evident in your relationships ! Reach out & ask about my limited spots for my 1.1 coaching ! If you are ready to transform I got it here for you ❤️Instagram come see me there

#150 10 signs he is just not that into you

A quick look at the signs that this new person in your life may not be as into you as you hoped ! I have another podcast around red flags if you scroll back lovely ones ! Don’t waste time with the wrong people is my message today! You are worthy of great love ! Are these signs something you are experiencing ? Message me or dm if you are ready to transform your relationship story ! I mean totally for life! My program takes you on the inward journey of radical transformation ! @sallykalan on Instagram! ❤️

#144 The signs your partner is toxic for you 💔

It’s so hard being in a situation that is unhealthy ! Sometimes you second guess yourself & wonder if it’s you right ? Sharing here some BIG signs your partner is toxic ! If you want to end the cycle of unhealthy relationships & heal or find healthy love please message me ! My programs are designed to help you awaken and will transform your life ! My Instagram @sallykalan DM me there or go to my bio ! Please leave a review if you found this helpful lovely ones ❤️🙏🙏🙏