#164 Are you desperate for a relationship ?

Welcome my lovely people … this is a passionate share because I know many of you will relate.. Feeling emotionally drained frustrated upset annoyed because you are tired of shitty relationships Yet you always want to be in one ! Hmmm… Sharing my story and how I went from desperate and needy to whole and deeply happy from the inside out ! You gotta break the need, the pattern ! Dm me if you are ready to work with me ! Please go follow at Instagram ! You don’t have to live this way ! More episodes on this coming 💜 ps ! I’m here for you

#150 10 signs he is just not that into you

A quick look at the signs that this new person in your life may not be as into you as you hoped ! I have another podcast around red flags if you scroll back lovely ones ! Don’t waste time with the wrong people is my message today! You are worthy of great love ! Are these signs something you are experiencing ? Message me or dm if you are ready to transform your relationship story ! I mean totally for life! My program takes you on the inward journey of radical transformation ! @sallykalan on Instagram! ❤️

#147 How to manage your emotional triggers

We all have them ! Sometimes however we can live in a place of permanently reacting and not responding ! This is due to unhealed or suppressed wounds in our psyche! You can heal and dissolve these! But for today I am sharing how you can manage your emotions as you are triggered in 3 Steps..1. Breathe 2. Observe the feelings as they arise 3. Acceptance ! Have a listen and recognize you are not your triggers ! You have them but not them! Learning to separate out from the trigger is going to be super helpful in healing your relationship story ! My 1.1 coaching program we cover all this and more ! Reach out for info @sallykalan on my IG or at hello@sallykalan .com ! I eouid love you to leave a review if you find my podcasts helpful !! ❤️🙏🙏🙏

#141 The ONE way to heal your toxic relationship

Gorgeous ones ! This is one of my most important messages I’ve ever delivered ! There is only one way to truly heal !It is Now! In this episode I talk about the importance of being in the now and why it heals ! If you want to end the struggle the suffering it starts with you getting out of your mind & into your body ~ embodying presence ! If you are wanting to explore deeper & do the inner work I have a 6 week or 3 month program designed to rapidly shift and heal your relationship story ! Dm me my Instagram @sallykalan or message me hello@sallykalan.com!!!the only program you will ever need if you are totally ready to heal for life!!💯❤️

#138 – Why you are attracting emotionally unavailable men!

You don’t have to keep attracting these types but awareness around why you do is the first step! 

Here are some of the reasons you are calling in these relationships1. Lack of self worth. 

Your story around relationships 3.abandonment issues 4. You yourself aren’t available and knowing your own emotional boundaries! 

Have a listen and ask me about my new program launching soon! 

How to create a new mind & leave the past behind! 

Healing for life ~ the wide awake chapter! contact my via website / Instagram or email hello@sallykalan.com … the waitlist for my program offers a 30% discount prior to launch so reach out lovelies 💕

#125 Do this one thing to begin healing your toxic relationship story 💕

Sharing here lovely ones why we attract who we do and if you want different you have to BE different ! It starts with you ! You are going to enjoy this episode as it is about empowering yourself to take full responsibility in creating healthy loving ! relationships ! I’m taking bookings for 2020 do afl about my 1.1 coaching ! Go to my Instagram or webpage lovelies

#121 This technique will change your relationship story ! So powerful

Beautiful souls ! Practice this technique consistently and watch your relationships change! We have to all be accountable for how WE show up ! This is a simple technique that will re wire your internal programs ! Share with me your results ! Go to my website if you are interested in Coaching with me ! “ the wide awake chapter “ is here my darlings ! Take your power back ! Stand in your truth www.sallykalan.com!! Sign up there to my newsletter sharing everything to heal awaken you into your best relationship 💛Instagram @ sallykalan

#116 Recognizing your triggers

Learning to become self aware of what Is triggering you is one of the most important things you can do for yourself ! We have to totally own our story! Here is a little example of what would trigger myself and how I began to totally reclaim my power! If you find that you get overly upset or feel insecure, not good enough or notice that you are living in a state of anxiety way more than you feel you should br then have a listen ! Our triggers come from our unhealed spaces ! Let me know if you would like more info on this subject ! Enquires for 1.1 coaching hello@sallykalan.com ! I am here to heal guide you into your power 💛

#99 Why do I attract bad relationships

In this episode giving you the overall reason why we end up in bad relationships and some practical tips in changing that ! The truth is you can change that story ~ you have to do things different though in order to make those changes here are some things you can to today to begin to Csll in healthy love ❤️ reach out to me if you are interested in coaching with me~ my new program is everything soul work and recreating a new self !!so powerful hello@sallykalan.com ❤️❤️❤️

#97 YOUR BELIEFS are creating your reality ! What story are you playing ?

Passionately sharing why your beliefs are the reason you may be settling or suffering or just keeping you stuck ! Giving you a task to do in this episode to help bring light to your current story! You have to own your story to this pound to make changes ! This is a powerful must listen episode my loves ! It’s foundational in creating what you truly want !! Reach out to me if I can help ! Sorry for a little interference haha way but it should be ok !! Please leave a review or let me know how my podcasts are helping you ! Planning on guests and other things in the near future … hello@sallykalan.com or instagram ❤️💕😘